The Ability to Instantly Print the Money

Money is in the list. This quote has been profound ever since internet marketing, therefore some are saying that email marketing is dead, and they keep saying that for the last decade.

But me and every successful marketer, consultant, online coach etc..knows that responsive email list is the most valuable asset in any business for the last decade, and with growing number of especially mobile phone internet  users I believe that It’ll become even more important in upcoming years.

The most important thing to say first is that its not any quick getting rich way of building a profitable business. But if its done right, there is a huge benefit behind the list. Its like when there is your favorite book shop or food store providing you with quality food, than there is a 99% chance that you will soon come back, and every time you run out of food or books, you will have that store stocked in your head.

And that’s the power of leveraging your authority in the certain niche and email list of loyal subscribers that like you plus think of you as an authority. These people are 100% buyers!

Building a relationship with your prospects is crucial, otherwise you end up with having just Dead Email List of thousands of subscribers that not even ever bought anything from you, but 99% of them even didn’t open your best email you sent to them.

So building an email list can be massively profitable or defeating failure, especially when chosen traffic lead generating method is paid advertising. Then you really have to make sure that your offer converts well and your first email to your subscriber earn you the so important trust and credibility.

There is quiet whole big psychology science behind building a relation with your prospects and clients, but the important thing to remember is to deliver value and not be too pitchy. This is the biggest mistake that most of the beginning online marketers do, which is to quickly build a big list and then blast them with one offer upon another without even knowing what are the prospects interested in and what they need.

And to know your list, first thing that you must do is to create closely targeted offer that is very specific in what its offering.

For example, if you create a free pdf report about how to lower the website’s bounce rate, then you know what your prospects that opted in are more less interested in, which in this case it would be ranking the websites as bounce rate is considered as one of the SEO ranking factors.

More about building the responsive email list in the next chapter.

email list communication

WP pinboard giveaway

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Premium WordPress Theme for Free – WP PinBoard

WP Pinboard and Traffic XRay are another two cool premium themes for WordPress sites that worth getting for free.

Normally these theme would be selling for at least $27 each, but through this special offers page you are able to get each one of them for free.

WP Pinboard theme is perfect for an Artists or photographers portfolio, because of its skin and layout which is exactly like Pinterest. 1

This is a basic layout of WP Pinboard theme. You can customize your header, footer, background color, text etc. The navigation through the pages is right underneath the header.

Pencil Drawings WP Pinboard theme

As you see the theme is perfect for the artists of any kind. Its best theme to show up your work, because it looks exactly like Pinterest, and people are familiar with it. No any distractions for your visitor, what you want them to see when the come to your website is the pictures of your work. First catch their attention and then make them stay as long as possible by delivering a great content, pictures, text and the best on is a video.

From some reason its just people’s nature to rather watch the video than read the text. With an Interesting video on your page, the visitor will more likely to stay and engage with the content on your website.

Its statistically proven that you have about 9 seconds on average to catch the visitors attention and engage them with more of your great content.

Its crazy when you think about that.

You haven’t got much of a chance if you don’t know your potential visitor or customer. And its in every niche a little bit different. The visitors from home based business niche will interact with your site differently than those from fine art niche for example.

So you got to know your prospects and their behavioral activities, what they are looking for, where they struggle and bring the aid for their struggles.

Anyway, and its all connected with what theme for your site you choose.

WP PinBoard is perfectly suitable for websites about: Fine Art, painting drawing, DIY, gardening, gastronomy, food recipes, photography, sculpturing, wood craft, all traditional crafts, antique.

I am pretty sure if I would be thinking I would come up with another 10 at least. But you got the idea.


Traffic X Ray Theme – The Best WordPress Theme for Adsense

The traffic x ray is very different from the previous theme. The biggest difference is that it was designed and build for monetizing your website with Adsense ads. Its more of a form of a blog site. The ads code placements are specifically designed to deliver maximum CTR (click through rate), leading to higher revenue from Adsense.

Monetize the websites with Adsense isn’t a bad idea if you haven’t any product to offer or just don’t want to bother with that. Lets say that you like cars and your hobby is fixing them. You create a blog about DIY car fix, and post your videos and stuff.

Without good flow of traffic, Adsense wouldn’t be the most efficient and profitable way of making money, but it pays for itself plus something extra for the stuff that you like to do anyway.

learn more about how to start a blog

Article about How Much It Cost to Build a Website for Small Business

best  free wordpress theme for adsense


How to Create a Professional Website – DIY or DFY?

how much it cost to create a website

When it comes down to website costs, it can really vary. For someone who is just starting out it could be very confusing how much exactly he should be paying.

I will break this down to two groups, DIY (do it yourself) and DFY (done for you).

Start Building a Business Website with WordPress – DIY

Same as with everything, if you do things yourself, it could save you a lot of money down the road. Web development and design is a skill that could be very well paid, varying from client to client and depending on client’s needs.

But let me tell you something.

Some developers are charging ridiculous money for something that could be done in one day with minimal website for small businesscosts, which comes down to the lack of knowledge in this field for average people. So, I decided to show you in this article, how to build your own website either for business or a hobby. Because what you will know after you read this post will save you a lot of money now and in the future, trust me.

DIY option is definitely for a little bit tech savvy people like me, but also for a good passionate writer. The thing is that from the beginning you will be probably writing the articles yourself to avoid of paying someone else, same with the videos. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot outsource your article writing process, or even the entire business and just every noun again check in if everything is working properly.

But this is for a big 5 – 6 figure businesses, and its exactly what majority of top online marketers and SEO experts do.

I’m not gonna go too deep into outsourcing and how the whole process works now, but here is the complete article about it, its definitely something that worth to check out.

Online Business Management, Outsourcing and Automation

Lets get back to creating a website first. In a nut shell here is what you will need.

  1. Web hosting account
  2. Domain name
  3. Content

These are the main three things to build a website. Here is how much it costs to create a website – the web hosting will cost you around $5 – $10 per month. Domain name between $5 – $15 per year. If you create the content such as articles, pictures and videos yourself, than its really inexpensive to create a website. Don’t you think?

Then obviously if you want to do some proper SEO, the costs go way higher than ten bucks per month, but assuming that you are a beginner I wouldn’t be concerned about SEO for now.

Here I will give away the list of good, cheap and reliable hosts with very responsive and helpful support.

Free Video Tutorial on How to Setup a Website

outsourcing buddyNow the best thing for the end, of course. I have something special for everyone. Its the video tutorial about how to start a website, released as an online marketing product, called “Outsourcing Buddy. Everything in the right order and easy to follow. Now you really cannot go wrong even if you are not much technically skilled, because you can just duplicate everything from the video.

And the coolest thing? Its FREE.

But the very innovative thing about the Outsourcing Buddy is that you can use it as a training portal for others if you VA Training Portal” which we are offering through recommended products page as well. Its perfect for the outsourcing strategy that I mentioned above, when you basically create a project plan, give access to your VA’s and they will follow it.

Here is the link – How to build a website video tutorial

I’m sure that you will love it.

DFY Option – Done Website for You

I know and understand that not all people are same, so as a web developer and SEO expert, I decided to open a new, first time service for those who have no time or simply don’t want to spend the time learning.

We will be open for small business owners, local business owners or people who just want their fishing “hobby” site to look cool in front of friends. As far as its legal, not adult material or get rich quick online stuff, we are open to anything.

The price will depend on how big website (number of pages and posts), if we have to create the content for you or not and the SEO promotion. But the price won’t be as much as normal companies are charging. We can do it twice as cheaper, with better results.

So, if you think that this is something that you might be interested in, just shoot us an email at: [email protected] and together we will come up with the best option for you.

Also check out more of our products for online marketers.

Free Up More Time, Make More Money – Solution for Efficient Business Management

create an effective business planAre you running and managing business online and it just seem to you that there is not enough time to do all the tasks?

P1 Outsourcing PMS is the solution for time management struggle.

In each module you will learn a one step that will get you closer to free up more of your time from online business daily tasks.

You see, the time management and overwhelming are the biggest struggles for majority of people who start a business online. Its always presented as an easy way of how to start a home business and become your own boss, which is partially true, but all the upsides have some downsides.

So if overwhelming of information and not enough time is the biggest obstacle, and we would eliminate it, then your chances to build successful home based business would be much higher right?

Getting Overwhelmed? You Don’t Have to

Ok, the right fix for not getting overwhelmed of information is to get the only right one and follow it. Such as Outsourcing Buddy video training where we show you how to set up a hosting and build a website from A to Z with all necessary plugins and settings. You have all 31 videos on one page, in right order, and you don’t have to search for the videos individually on Youtube, where you would get many different videos, from different people, talking about different things and overwhelm you. Its not really efficient unless you are looking for some one specific information and not the whole picture.

Because here is the thing. If there is a certain system that for somebody work, than it should work for everyone. Its all about tasks and execute them in right order in the right time. The rest (about 70 – 80%) is just mindset. You have probably heard some successful people talking about this before, or maybe you read the book like Think and Grow Rich or Money, Master the Game (which I highly recommend). And its true.

Money Master The Game

S if your decision is to quit your job and start work from home, its coming from your mindset, the conscious mind.

Time Management – How to Stop Being Overwhelmed with Daily Tasks

Get your time management right is very important for your business. Especially when you want to grow and need to free up more time to concentrate on other stuff, but still need to do regular daily tasks that are just as important for the business.

So how do you do that?

You hire a VA, Virtual Assistant. Almost every successful 5 figure marketer is using their VA’s to effectively run and manage their online business. Of course, how many VA’s you will need depends entirely on the size of your current business and what kind of business on the internet you do.

Now, here is the video blueprint where you will learn how to effectively create a project, assign it to your virtual assistant and manage the workflow so everything goes as smooth as it should without any shenanigans.

Check our products that we recommend along with P1 Outsourcing PMS – Products for online business management

p1 outsourcing pms online business automation system


(Just $29.95)




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Looking for Some Good Ideas About The Most Profitable Businesses?

unique ideaWell, I hope that this article will help everyone to get some ideas about most profitable businesses, how to start, grow and maintain the business.

Its business on the internet, online business, online marketing, or whatever you want to call it. All what you need to start is an internet connection, laptop and a lot of self confidence (because that’s where the most of the people fail).

Once you tap into online world and how you could profit from it, you will never want to turn back. But enthusiasm isn’t everything that is required to start profitable business.

There is a lot more to it.

Persistence, strong will etc…

Obviously starting online home business is not for everyone easy. The most common issue that people say they have is NO MONEY to start up with.

The second biggest killer, when they actually got started, is NO TIME.

And time equals money, right?

The third reason would be overwhelming of information, not enough will to learn and the FEAR OF FAILURE.
So first, i will eliminate the first problem, which is having not enough funds to start the business.

The thing is that firstly you have to have an idea of what kind of home based business you could start, maintain and how profitable your business might be.

From my experience it should be something that you are good at or passionate about, like a hobby.

And my best and first suggestion would be BLOGGING.

Blogging for Profit

Especially for the people with very low funds, the people who have no their own physical or informative product thatprofit they could sell and the ones who are willing to work hard on them selves and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Blogging is perfect and very profitable business for normal people who don’t prosper with a lot of wealth and followers around themselves.

All it takes is one or more website, passion and will.

The will to learn and implement is important in this one.

You can set up a blog within 5 – 10 minutes and then just learn how to work and maintain it.

Not a rocket science, and if you allow me, i’m going to show you how to do that step by step.

There are basically two available options.

You can set up a custom self hosted website or use the services such as,, Tumblr etc..
And if you look at these blogging platform sites like, you will know why i say that the blogging is one of the most profitable businesses.

Anyone can blog. is multimillionaire site blogging platform with over 500 million active users!

That’s quiet shocking number.

Do you think that Google makes some money from this one single website? You bet they do.

Another reason why the blogging is one of the most profitable businesses is that, you don’t need much to invest. Its really low cost.

Now, lets go back to our topic..

First option is a little bit more costly but it gives you some advantages in a few ways and you’ll have nice proffesionally looking and well remebered domain name, for example,,…whatever you like. Just check up if the domain name that you want is available and not registered already and that’s it!

The second option is cheaper or completely free, but gives you very limited options and your domain would look like this – or

You see what I mean?

It just doesn’t look right if you intent to make some money with your blog or website.

So I personally would recommend to start with the first option which is self hosted website. Its a little bit more technical and more to learn but as I said its not any rocket science and gives you a big advantage because it looks more like a solid home based business than hobby.

How Much Will All Of This Cost?

Now, to setup one blog or website will and basic maintaining will cost you about $5 per month for reliable solid hosting provider (that’s where your website and all of the data are stored)
And about $15 per year for the domain, depends what TLD you choose (.com, .org, .net, .info etc.)

Which is not that much, is it?

You are on something like 6 – 7 dollars per month.

Now depends on your writing skills, how you are going to present your site and yourself.

Obviously you need to catch the attention of the visitors and give them exactly what they want. But I will talk about the marketing strategies next time.

Work For Local Businesses

small local businessAnother good idea which is maybe not any new to you, is to build a local business directory or develop and maintain the websites for them.

This includes some knowledge of SEO and how Google’s algorithm, but nothing what one could not learn.

In fact i’m going to post some tutorials about SEO and how to do it correctly because believe me there is a lot of misleading information on the internet, especially about SEO and making money online.

If you don’t know how to do things right, then you can loose a lot of money and time would be wasted.

I know a few people who are making good income with this profitable business strategy.

Go around your local area and find the local business owners. Talk to them a little bit, and them tell them what you do and how it could help their business by gaining more visibility and customers.

The most of them will probably tell you that they have website and that they don’t need two.

Well, here you need to think out of the box and for example ask them what is their website and if they have someone who take care of it.

But you did your homework and did the list of related keywords for their local business. You search the website in Google for those keywords and try to find their website.

If you find it within the search, then someone did the good job and they probably won’t need your help, but most of the time it won’t be like that.

Then you explain them that you can bring their website or blog into the top searches which will prosper their business.

The most profitable businesses come always with a Great and unique idea.

Hope that this article about most profitable businesses picked your brain a little bit, because that’s all what it takes, an inspiration and idea.

business idea

build a website and home based business tutorial

A lot of people are talking about the setting the goals for financial independence. Everybody knows that in order to achieve any goal, we must be 100% certain about the outcome and success, in other words “Strong Belief”. I cannot stress enough how important the goal and mind setting is for any kind of success.

People simply overcome the fact that having the right mindset is responsible for 80% of success and only 20% is strategy and marketing. Of course, the one  without another wouldn’t work. If you would have a strongest mindset in the world but would move a finger, than the goals to achieve financial independence probably wouldn’t be anywhere near the success.

Imagine this, if you are 100% certain about the outcome, then you would do anything to accomplish your goals. That is basically what all self-made millionaires have in common, and how successful people got and are getting successful, for example Tony Robbins.

If he born rich, he certainly wouldn’t be who he is now, but because of his past and humble beginnings of having no money even for food, he realized something, something that is empowering and driving him forward to help more people.

So in order to achieve financial independence the one must have the powerful idea and absolute will to make things happen. There is the power.

How to start a business is another question.

The easiest business model for the absolute majority of people who want to work from home, is business online. The amount of potential customers has almost no limit, if the right business plan is implemented and the product worth 10 times more than the actual price.

But lets get back to what is necessary to launch a successful online business and letting the finances grow.

First thing that anyone will need is a website or blog. But no worries, build and set up the website is actually very inexpensive task, if you know how to do that.

If you don’t, then I have a nice surprise for you :) in a form of FREE 30+ video tutorial about how to create a website using WordPress. This is all in one training covering every important aspect and detail of building a professional business website.

You can get an Instant Access to the Tutorial Here

We are really proud of the product, and how simplified everything is. The videos have been kept as short as possible to not overwhelm too much but provide every piece of important information on particular subject. We honestly believe that the product worth at least $47, and that would be an incredible generous price. Anyway, there is nothing o loose, but only gain.

Once you have your website and its content in the place, its just about to create a simple and strong business plan structure to follow, which will slowly result in growing your authority in the market, grow your finance and popularity.

Need some interesting business idea?

Click the link to read an article article about successful home based business ideas.

How to Get Hungry SEO Clients Using Cloud Prospector Machine

cloud prospector machineWebsite’s Mobile Friendliness is Now Search Ranking Signal and an Opportunity for Marketers to Get New Clients

Everybody has probably heard about the Google’s mobile friendly update. Website’s mobile friendliness is now officially considered as Google’s ranking signal No. 1.

For the past 5 years the percentage of mobile internet users is rapidly growing, and the by now in 2015, the 50% of internet users use their mobile phone to conduct searches.

And that is exactly why Google decided to put a huge importance on the mobile update.

Now, as it usually is, along with every heavy update and scarecity such as mobile update, there is also big business and profit opportunity for smart and fast action takers.

As you may know, not every business owner who has a website is aware of such a thing. Many of them actually just get their website set up by some average web developing company and that’s the end of it.

– More about how to start a blog here

So, here is the opportunity that I’m talking about.

You find the business owner’s websites that are not mobile friendly optimized, do a couple of test using the super easy and effective tool (which I’m going to talk about in a second), and contact your prospects with attached report of all the information that you gathered, telling them why they should fix their websites and what impact it will have on their rankings in Google.

This snapshot is coming from one of the major news sites, and the similar message was going all over the online news.

mobile friendly websites

Then you simply offer them your services to fix their problem, eliminate scarecity and get them ranking higher in Google.

This all sounds great, but it would be too time consuming to locate and analyze the people’s websites, and contact them one by one. Its just time consuming and a little bit messy in matter of tracking and reporting everything.

That is why the smart guys came up with brilliant software which is almost fully automated. It locates the websites that are not mobile friendly based on the keywords that you provide, tracks everything, generates reports, find the contact details of the potential client and send the bulk message to them.

All of this from one interface of the software called Cloud Prospect Machine by Todd Spears and his team.
This tool tells you what exactly is wrong with the clients website, so you can start work on it and fix it.
I personally started using CP machine about a month ago, when it was first time released. I have to say that its really great tool and does what it says.

Its still a new piece of software and not many copies were sold yet, but will be soon. I encourage to get this tool now and implement the strategy before the competition arise. But don’t worry, it will take at least a couple of moths before the market gets saturated. Until then you could have easily 5 figure business already up and running without worrying about competition.

Just go ahead to pop into multi-billion dollar mobile market and get the results for yourself, and don’t forget that its about a massive action takers who will leverage this massive opportunity :)

Click Here and Get Instant Access to Cloud Prospect Machine with DISCOUNT


Get FREE 30+ Videos WordPress Tutorial to Effectively Launch and Manage Online Busines

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What is Mobile Friendly Update and How to Be Ready

Its the another time of the year when Google is releasing another heavy duty update for mobile friendly websites on the 21th of April.

Last year 2014, has been the break point of mobile internet users as shown on the graph below. It basically indicates that we came into the stage when the mobile phones are dominating the market on the internet, meaning that if your site is not mobile friendly you are loosing over the half of the potential market.

mobile friendly update

And not only that. Since the Google decided to roll out the update for mobile ready websites, you will be punished and out-ranked if your site is not responsive.

There’s been a lot of talk in the last couple of years about mobile friendly websites, but at the time it didn’t seem to be any big concern of the website owners and web developers. Perhaps, because nothing much was happening until now (talking about the Google and its updates).

Interesting Statistics and Facts about Mobile Phone Users

We know that its essential to have a responsive website which is perfectly readable and displayed on both, the desktop computer and mobile phone such as iPhone, Smartphone etc..Simply the technology is going forward, so shall we.

According to the latest research, the 80% of the internet users own a Smartphone. Which is a huge number.

Mainly 3 researched areas of mobile phone users are automotive, apparel & beauty, finance and surprisingly home and garden.

One of the very interesting things is that the add-to-cart conversions made via smartphones are much lower than desktop conversions, which means that people are more likely to do the online purchase using desktop rather than smartphone.

mobile device usage

How to Prevent Your Websites Against Google Mobile Update

Now, the biggest concern and question is, how to prevent your sites from being penalized and de-indexed by Google.

First of all, go ahead and check if your site is mobile ready or not. You can do so on the Google developers site by following the link below.

Commence mobile friendly test

WordPress website fix

If your site test returns negative and is build on WordPress, here is what has to be done. Check if your theme has responsive design. Make sure that its up to date. The most of the time only what you need to do is to install the responsive theme on your WordPress site and check again.

If the problem persists, find another theme and try again.

If your website is built on Drupal, then follow these steps:

Go to and download your desired responsive theme.

After you downloaded the theme, log in to your Drupal dashboard ==> Go to appearence ==> Click install new theme

Then you have to upload it ==> Enable and set as a default

That’s it!

Just go and re-check your website responsivness again.

If you use B2Evolution platform on your site do this:

Log in to your dashboard ==> At the top click on Structure and then right under Blog ==> Go to Skins and where it says default mobile phone skin (skin name: Touch), click install.

If your website is built on HTML 5 and you are not much into coding then you will have to contact your web developer.

Hope that the information was helpful and that you managed to fix all your sites and blogs before the update comes out on 21.4. 2015.

Need a blog? Learn how to start a blog

Or do you want us to create a blog for you? Contact us via contact page.

What is Cottage Industry and My Local SEO Experiment

what are the cottage industriesJust a small number of people know what Cottage Industry mean and what is the right definition. I decided to write and publish this post, because I have been recently experiencing one marketing strategy that is very well known for many.

Its local SEO for the small local home based businesses, literally based at home and producing some kind of product goods from home made jam or drinks to crafty stuff, such as sculpture, uniquely designed furniture, dressmakers, any kind of art like picture painting, jewelry etc.

Targeting Home Based Businesses in Country Side

And these part time work from home businesses are sometimes called cottage industry.

I’m a little bit of an artist myself and I like that kind of stuff. Its nice, and make your day always a little bit better.

So what I did was, I went around the country side where I live, and found a few people who are doing home made products and were willing to cooperate. Of course, because they got an offer which they couldn’t refuse really.

I offered them a free blog consultation, website or blog where they can promote their home products and free SEO for first 3 months. And if the demand after their product won’t be higher than was before, they don’t have to pay me anything and keep the nice fancy website to themselves.

So this is local SEO, but just a little bit different.

The Home Based Business that Everyone Love

part time work from home

Here are a few of the points:

I didn’t looking for the clients that are home based in a big busy town or city, but in a country side.

The cottage industry is great because you are, as the home business owner, selling product that everyone loves because its “Home Made” and people just like home made stuff. Especially now, when the big corporate industries are trying to make monopoly and take over the whole market.

There is absolutely eliminated the shame or facts that you are seller or marketer who most of the people don’t like. Its the fact, people just don’t like marketers. But doing this type of home business you don’t look in the eyes of customer as a marketer at all, other than right opposite.

The genuine person who is making the world better by providing a great home created product from full time or partcottage industry time work from home.

And that is 100% true.

No bluff and fluff around.

And the last reason, I BELIEVE in a small home based business and its quality.

Right Now we know why I wrote the Cottage industry, rather than home based business. Its more niche specific, because our clients and their products are coming from country side, sometimes even literally cottages.

To my surprise, the majority of people didn’t have the website, some had FB page or Pinterest. About 50% of those people I consulted said that they don’t want any website or blog, because they have no money to pay the web developer to build and manage their site.

But once I mentioned my offer, they started listen a bit closer and 80% of those previous 50% took my offer.

I got everything just started and its under the construction at the moment while I’m writing this post. So it will take a couple of weeks until I will get some results of this experience and how its gonna work. Basically from now, all the costs are on me, but I expect a good ROI at the end of this test, which I will publish here on our blog.

cottage-industry in india


Further Explanation of Cottage Industries

Cottage industries play a significant role in the economies of establishing nations. These economies might lack the capital and financial systems to support bigger markets. It might be challenging for smaller companies to grow due to a lack of offered capital, or because of unpredictability relating to personal property and legal rights. Developing nations are also more probable to have a comparative advantage in using labor as compared to the use of capital, allowing them to produce labor-intensive products more inexpensively than developed countries.

Due to the fact that home markets might utilize labor methods that are greatly reliant on standard tools and equipment or which need the use of hands, they are more likely to see lower efficiency. Hence, even though they may utilize a big portion of the population they might not produce a proportional amount of output. Small cottage industries are likewise an essential source of work, particularly in backwoods.

For farmers, running a cottage industry from the home can supplement the earnings raised from selling crops. For small towns, a cottage industry can allow regional individuals to come together to produce crafts for sale in regional markets, and even for export to bigger cities and other nations. While business operating in home markets may remain small, they still need to compete with other firms, whether other home business markets or larger-scale companies.

This requires them to employ new innovations that will certainly enhance performance and efficiency. They will also have to contend for sources of labor, which can be especially difficult as a country ends up being more industrialized and wages rise.

The last thing.

If you read this post and you are doing some part time work from home job, and would be interested in getting your own custom blog, just contact us via our contact page, where is stated the contact method.

How to Optimize Your Website Content for the Best Results

on page seo tipsWhat I’m going to talk about today is called on page SEO. I’m sure that you’ve heard of this term before. If not, I will just quickly explain what it is.

On page SEO is any optimization done within your website content such as articles, videos and pictures.

Now, lets say that you have a blog and you want to get some free traffic from Google’s organic searches. The way you drive traffic to your website is to optimize your content for high search volume keywords (for example: financial freedom = 6000 searches per month) and then rank your website and position it to the first page of Google.

This is the very important part of SEO, because if you have done it right, then you are 50% done. But if on page SEO is done incorrectly, then you trying to rank and waste your time with building the back links, and nothing would ever happen.

So, the whole cost effective SEO execution consists in 2 main parts. On page SEO and off page SEO.

And yes, you guessed it, off page seo is the link building process, which have suppose to boost your website’s authority and trust in the search engines.

But today we will talk about the first step in the effective seo strategy, on page optimization.

The article optimization is the most important step. The vital thing to keep on mind is, never over optimize your content for your desired keyword. Those days are big time over.

Everything must look natural in these days.

So, for example you want to optimize you post for the following keyword: financial freedomwebsite rankings

Your article should be between 500 – 1500 words with a couple of pictures and at least one video from youtube, vimeo, metacafe or daily motion video sharing sites. These are called rich media, and it gives to your website an importance and automatically higher authority apart from the competitors site without video or images.

Your main keyword must be in your title “How to Achieve Financial Freedom” and maximum of 1,5% density in the article body. So if your post is 1500 words, your main keyword shall repeat maximum 10 times. But if its less, its no harm 3 – 10x.

The key is, when you are writing your article, that you don’t use the exact same keyword every time.

for example: Instead of saying every time “How to achieve financial freedom, you would say how set yourself financially free, the way to reach financial independence etc.

So a good diversity of synonyms and the words with similar meaning.

Give your pictures the alt tags and use your main keyword with the other words for that, like this “learn how to achieve financial freedom online” or “the simple way to get financially free with these tips.

Or something like that. Just again, don’t use the same main keyword in the same format for every image alt tag.

And embed the video on your page. If you have no your own video and youtube account, i recommend to get one, or just go the youtube, type in your keywords and pick one of the videos that shew up in the search results.

Use your keywords as an anchor text and from time to time link to the authority site such as wikipedia, but do not link every post. Do it randomly.

well, that’s it. Just the last thing that you will need some additional things such as plugins, but I covered this in my previous posts, so I recommend to go there and check it out.

how do I Start a blog – this walk through guide will tell you everything that you need to do to start your blog correctly. The reliable and cheap web hosting packages and why we chose them etc.

Setting up a blog – You have your hosting package, WordPress installed and now you need to get the necessary plugins and set up your  blog for the max seo power.

Hello, and we nice to have you here (again) to read my honest reviews and proven SEO, marketing and blogging strategies. Me and my team only do stuff that actually works. That is why we are here, to make some money and have a fun :)

So let me tell you what is this post all about.

What is P1 RankMe and Its Power of Effective SEO

Try cost effective seo techniques with p1 rankme

Software Overview by Peter Garety

Watch on Youtube –

Review of P1 RankMe plugin and service by Peter Garety Publishing. You see that I said also service and not just WordPress plugin. Its because, if this was just a plugin, I would be more sceptic about its claim of bringing the traffic and high rankings in search engines. Just want you to know, that everyone who is trying to sell you some software tool that potentially should deliver a huge traffic (just out of blue) to your website, is full of beans.

I have to say it again, that there is no such a software that does such a magic. And if there is, you wouldn’t sell it to anyone, would you?

But P1 and its cost effective seo strategy is different. Its the whole service for building the linking structure to your websites from Peters 2500+ social bookmarking sites, and still growing, with high 10+ domain authority, 10 – 40 trust flow and 100% index rate. Which is important. No matter how many links you have, but if they are coming from bad low quality sites, it will just kill your website other than help.

p1 rankme review by Blog Consulting LLC

There is many solid and effective seo techniques that you could use to rank your websites, and this is one of them. You remember when I was talking about What is SEO Strategy for 2015? Well, that’s exactly how Peter has structured this service.

Focusing on what actually matters in SEO, apply it and repeat.
If you are looking for low cost seo or effective seo services, than this is absolute no brainer when it comes down to quality versus price. Especially when its still in launch special offer of one time payment.

Normally, every seo service would charge the monthly subscription for this, which Peter said that P1 RankMe will become monthly service in the near future.

Obviously, P1 rank me is quiet new and we purchased it about a week ago, so we have no any data to show and prove how effective service it is, but we will, soon.

Although, I’m pretty confident about quality and effectiveness of this SEO technique, because it is in compliance with our SEO strategies and techniques.

And, as if you don’t know, our seo methods and strategies work.

The Conclusion of Peter Garety’s SEO Techniques Using P1 Rank Me

The key is to do everything from the start properly to assure the effectiveness in the future. Lazy work will get you nowhere.

And by saying from the beginning, I mean even buying the right domains for your money site and PBN’s, which must be in the compliance with these rules:

  1. Domain authority of minimum 10+ (better 20+)
  2. Page Rank 1+
  3. Domain age minimum of 3 years
  4. must be indexed in Google (to check type in the Google search box: and if some results for the particular domain show up with home page as the first result, the website is indexed and most of the time is not in penalty)

This is just an example how everything matters and is connected together, and Peter Garety talks about this a lot.
Also with the purchase of P1 Rank Me you receive full training with more than 30 video modules, about how to correctly set up your PBN’s for maximum seo power, and be still under the Google’s radar.

In the combination with Crowd Search service and our proven PBN strategy, you will be absolutely dominating your niche on the first page of Google.

Blog and Blogging
First get this FREE 31 video training guide how to start a website and use the Wodrpress


Successful home based business ideas are coming from business ideas that are proven to work for now and years to come.  If some is thinking to set up a home based business, it’s essential to keep on mind that this is not any get rich quick scheme as sometimes presented all over the internet, but rather think about it as long term business with good and detailed planning to the future.

Starting work from home is a dream of many, however majority of people who start with home based business don’t see any success because of very poor planning and low persistence in continuously improving their business strategy.  Also, the very important part of setting up any kind of business is to choose the kind of home based business that is evergreen, so it will generate residual income in many years to come, and have available funds that might be necessary to invest into the starting business.

There is so many great and successful home based business models and ideas that could be implemented and right away without a huge investment of capital.

Best Home Based Business IdeasOne of them that i would like to mention and talk about a little bit in dept is blogging.  Blogging is such versatile and great way to start building the business either from scratch or just to add up and improve already running business that just would need a good kick-start to create a well thriving home based business.

Blog is the elemental part of every successful online or even offline business.  An idea of having own business blog is to provide up to date info about you business or product that is meant to be sold, whether it’s local business such as florist brick and mortar business or online business selling info products or virtual goods.

For beginners, marketing virtual goods and info products is be very lucrative idea to start with when commencing home based business.  Selecting right niche, product, tools and thriving market is the life blood of all successful home based business ideas.  Although, as already mentioned above, there is a lot of important things to know and learn about marketing strategies and well established business planning strategy.  Different strategies vary on selecting niche and right market.

But no worries!  That’s the reason why we are here, to give a clue and consult the best home based business ideas that will suit each individual’s needs.

But back to the blogging and why is it so important to have a blog nowadays in 2014 and years to come.


Advantage of Blogging for Home Based Business

  • There is more than one reason for that.  First, every year more and more people all around the world are connecting internet to their homes.  According to the research, the internet growth over 3,000 million users last year, which is over 40% of the world population, and every another year the numbers are rapidly growing.
  • More people search the internet with intentions to buy or find the right product that perfectly suits their needs, whether it’s the local shop in their town selling the flowers or the local restaurant offering daily menu.  People just will do the research from the comfort of their home first and then they decide if they want to buy or not.  And here comes the advantage of having fully customized blog for the particular business.
  • Basically any successful home based business idea starts with a good online presence.  And also the easiest and cheapest way to present yourself and your business to the potential customers is through the blog.
  • For those who don’t have any business set up yet it’t the perfect way to start home business, by working from home anywhere in the world by promoting and selling info products to the hungry customers that are ready to buy.
  • The home based business ideas such as blogging has been for thousands of people through out many countries No.1 way of generating high residual income with very low investment.  It’s the most lucrative way for people to start business without investing big money into the property, such as renting or buying the space, having own physical products, shipping the products or personally dealing with people on daily basis.
  • Blog is also perfect solution for people passionate about writing, great way of expressing and sharing ideas, passion, artwork or just simply letting your word out to the world.
  • All of that could be eliminated by having a personal or business blog, promoting someone else’s products as an affiliate

Start Your Own Home Based Business Today

Blogging for Business

And it gets even better as we will show and guide everyone through out the whole process of right blogging and presenting your own or affiliateonline business products to your future customers.  We give you the choice of setting up your own self hosted blog (some technical skills and required) or nice and clean super easy to maintain viral blog.  Literally by push of a button your content could be out and seen by people all around the world, this blogging platform is ideal for home based business of any kind and ready to start blogging right away!

Also, the advantage of this blogging platform is that you can have up to 10 different subdomains and there is no need to set up hosting account and the whole lot of technical skills that comes within the host cPanel, installing site builder such as WordPress or Joomla and some important plugins to start, not mentioning SEO for your site to make it rank in SERP’s.

This is not suppose to scare anyone, if you are already familiar with the whole self hosted WordPress thing or like to learn new things, it’s absolutely fine.  I think the WordPress is a great platform coming with great tools and plugins, but not everybody is tech savvy or just got no time to go through the different training tutorials (which we also provide by the way).

Having Your Own Business Idea

Managing business from home and build our own dreams is something that we probably all want, I don’t think that there would be many people that will rather work for someone else and build someone else’s dream.  Having your own home business idea isn’t any scary thing or something that you should be ashamed of, therefore right opposite!  it’s something that will separate you from the crowd and automatically positioning you to the higher level and make you more successful then others.

To cut this of, blogging is one of the best home based business ideas that will always come to the first place before anything else.

Find out more about Home Businesses here

Article Marketing Tool – Huge Time Saver

marketing articles with article marketing softwareIf you do blogging, marketing or SEO, you need a good number of quality articles, you know that. And by saying good number I mean a lot. The old times when you could write just one post and distribute the exact the same one all over the internet is gone. But to write or outsource the hundreds of articles is time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

So what is the solution to this?

Spin Rewriter – The Best of Its Kind

Its called “Spin Rewriter”. Spin Rewriter is a browser based software, which thanks to its ENL semantic features, can create 1000s and 99% unique articles compared to the original, and perfectly readable. Of course, if you do it right. And that’s what I’m going to talk about just in a minute.

But, first of all I have to mention that this is not any super, hands off software that will do all work for you. Not at all.

If someone is claiming something else than what i’m telling you, please be aware.

I’m using this very handy tool for the last 3 years and I cannot stress enough how much of work it saved me since.
You still have to do a good bit of work to make this right, otherwise you will end up in a profound Google penalty.

Spinning Articles for Uniqueness and Quality

Ok, lets get to it. As I already mentioned above, Spin Rewriter is very unique, thanks to its ENL semantic features, and also because its browser based software, its constantly updating the database of thousands of synonym words and sentences. And this is why its so unique compared to other spinning tool. Basically, you wouldn’t find any better one on the internet.

But still, there is something that not many bloggers or marketers will tell you. The content has to be unique and still very well readable. Even the Spin Rewriter sometimes don’t get it 100% right. So what I do, I go for low or medium spin and always proof read it, just to make sure that there are no any mistakes. Usually you will find just very few of them.

After the article is spun, I write and add few more paragraphs to make it even more unique, so Google can’t detect that even if your sites go under the manual review. I know this is a little bit more work but it worth it. Since I started implementing this strategy I’ve got all of my posts on all of my sites indexed and non de-indexed, I’m talking about 100% success.

syntax example: John {wants|needs|decided|intents} to {go|run|pop in} to the {shop|supermarket} by {a car|walk|himself}

Deindexing Sites – The End of the Game

De-indexing of sites is a nightmare of almost every blogger or marketer whose whole business depend on it. So, its better to do some extra work and don’t be lazy, remember its more about quality at the first place, not quantity.

The rules of SEO has rapidly changed for the last 5 years, and we have to stick with it ad play by those rules. Article marketing isn’t what it was before, when you could distribute and marketing your articles to thousands of directories all over the internet. And the backlink from these directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleCity etc, used to be very powerful ranking factor. But not anymore. I believe they still play some minor role in SEO rankings, but as it used to.

Today I would use these directories for 2nd tier links like PBNs for example, which means, not the link directly to your main money site or blog.

So, just recap everything. If you want to save a lot of your time and money, I strongly recommend to get Spin Rewriter here. You don’t need it. You can still do everything manually, but to rewrite the 600 words post would take you about 3 hours, presuming that you already know what you are doing, and with Spin Rewriter you would be ready in 30-45 mins, even with proof reading and writing additional paragraphs.

The choice is yours :)

spin rewriter article marketing software

What is SEO and How It Changed

what is SEO for 2015SEO is very wide and huge topic on the internet. Everyone who possess any kind of a website, blog or any web asset, is implementing some kind of SEO strategy to rank the website, either good or bad. And if you are not using SEO, your website is probably dug somewhere really deep in the Google search engine. On the other hand if you use the bad SEO strategy nowadays, its even worse than if you didn’t do anything at all.

Will explain why just in a minute.

Now, I will be talking mainly about the Google because the Google is the biggest major search engine on the internet that is covering over 70% of global internet searches. Which means that 3/4 of the world population uses Google for search queries. (just if you didn’t know)

SEO – How to Do It Right and What to Avoid Of

The SEO consists of two main groups, if you will, which is “On Page SEO and Off Page SEO”. These are two separated sectors. If you can master both of them with a perfection, you are the winner.

But in these days only a few people know how to do it correctly, and most of them wouldn’t tell you their exact strategy, even if they are selling courses, guides and tutorials about SEO, because its their secret weapon and they think that they would loose it.

So basically they sell you a car without the keys to start it.

I just wanted to point this out because, seriously there is so many marketers, and i believe its absolute majority ofemail spam in your mail box them, who are bombarding people with emails selling total crap, or just some so called cool software that will bring you a ton of traffic with hardly any work done on your behalf. And this is not true.

These marketers very often claim the results that they personally don’t have in order to sell you something, and sometimes they are so desperate and broke so they are just emailing one offer up on another and hope that you will finally buy something.

Trust me, I’ve been there and after the several years I’m still getting some of these emails even if I unsubscribed from all of the people’s lists years ago. What this does to you, it confuses you, waste your time and money, and sometimes it even could have a negative impact on your SEO campaign. (for example: massive and aggressive linking software to poor quality sites or sites in penalty)

And this one of the reasons why I never use or very rarely, anyone’s network of websites, often called PBNs (private blog networks), for backlinks to my money sites. If I use someone’s network, its usually somebody I know and trust.

Negative SEO campaign could put your site in penalty and sometimes, depended on the type and level of penalty, its easier to get the new website than fix the one which has been hit.

I know you came here to learn SEO and not to read about how much of crap is out there, but you will thank me once that I saved you from a lot of struggles that I went through in the past. I don’t say that I hate marketers, I just don’t like the ones that lie to me in order to get a couple of bucks. I like the people that are being honest and completely transparent with me. And there are still marketers and bloggers like that.

Ok, enough of negativeness and lets get some real value for you.

As I said there is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is everything within the website and the content on your website. So your articles, videos, pictures and settings of your website for maximum power. Basically everything what you do inside your WordPress dashboard, if we talk about the WordPress.

Off Page SEO is everything else, such as linking structure to your site. Everything that is done outside your website.
The rules rapidly changed within last 3 years. Google brought out some heavy updates that you probably heard of, such as Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird. There were more updates along, but these three are the biggest and most important updates.

Which, in a nutshell, causes the big change for SEOers and marketers in the way of:

On Page:

  • no more keyword stuffing
  • badly spun unreadable content
  • penalty for duplicate content
  • no thin sites with very little content

Off Page:

  • end of aggressive massive backlinking
  • no more use of poor quality links
  • no links from thin sites
  • no links from badly spun posts

These are probably the biggest factors that you should bare in mind.

So you can take it the way that the less you do the better. But it wouldn’t be fully true. Its more like more natural you are, the better. On one hand its good that this way Google got rid of bad or poor content sites, but on the other made it much harder for SEOers and marketers to rank their sites.

Now it takes much more time to rank for more competitive keywords, depends on the niche. Especially if your website is young and have no history and authority. And to build your site’s authority takes time and certain strategy.

Backlinking still works, but you need your links to be coming from authority websites or blogs. So the solution for this would be is guest posting. But it would cost you a lot to get a good backlinks from authority sites and it still not really efficient.

I tell you why.

When you publish the post on the blog, you have a powerful backlink because its on the home page. But after some period of time your post will go to archive, depends on the settings of the blog. Your backlink will loose its power, the power of home page.

So the best solution and having an absolute control over your backlinks is to build your own private blog network, also called PBN. This is really the most comprehensive solution, but again, it takes time and patience.

And to build these PBNs the right way by being natural isn’t the cheapest. But better view to the future. Of course, more sites you have the more time and money you will spend. Because these will be your precious sites from where you gain the most powerful link juice, so they must look good with a great content and again, NATURAL.

Like its real site and not just for backlinking purposes.

Google is really going after these sites and de-indexing them and putting to the penalty. I heard of people having de-indexed most of their PBN sites. And its not fun.

PBN linking structure

PBN linking structure


Now, don’t laugh :D

You are looking at my 2 minute sketch that shows basic structure of money site and PBN. This is how you need to build your powerhouse of sites.

  • Money site with good amount of quality and unique content
  • Social proof – getting social signals to your money site
  • Power of Web 2.0 – build a few of these sites with good and unique content linking back to your main website
  • Tier 1 links from PBNs – Build an army of these mini-sites with great content. Use your main keywords 70% and brand name 30% to link back to your website (treat these mini-sites as your main money website)
  • Tier 2 links – You don’t need to be as precise with tier 2 links, you can use Spinners to generate content for social bookmarks and web 2.0 and it doesn’t have to be 100% readable, but its better if you proofread the content so it makes sense. Use generic anchor text for backlinks (click here, read more, visit our site etc.) 

How to find the right domains for your PBNs

How to Build My PBN for Maximum SEO Power

This has to be done right. First what you need to do is, to buy aged and authority domain, preferably through the domain auction. There are a few criteria on how to buy the domains right way, but I will talk about this more into the dept in next article.

Just a few quick hints.

  1. They must have a page rank (PR 1-10)
  2. Be at least 3 years old with some history
  3. Must have at least domain authority of DA 10 (do not go less than 10)
  4. Have minimum of 10 backlinks (if you cannot find more 5 will do)
  5. Must be indexed in the search engine

Just a quickly explain what these metrics are.

Page Rank is the metric that indicates importance of the domain – how Google sees it. Its called Page Rank after the founder of Google, Larry Page.

Domain Authority (DA) is metric measured by MOZ. The number and quality of backlinks, social signals and history of the domain.

Of course, the higher PR and DA, the more expensive domain will be.
There is a great place where to find these domains called And to check these metrics before buying the domains use

Ok, that would be everything for now, just go ahead and search for the domains, get at least 10 of them and start building your private blog network.

If you want to know more, also check out the article guide first steps to start a blog and how to set up a blog and start blogging.

What is Crowd Search?

Organic Crowd Search is a service by Dan Anton who is the founder of BacklinksVault SEO services. First of all I have to say that I found Dan’s SEO services very useful and genuine. Some of them are better than the other, depends what your website needs in order to get ranked. is a wide and constantly expanding network of real people and partners who manually search for your main keyword that you want to rank in order to lower down your website bounce rate and give you a boost.

I know this sounds a bit complicated for someone, but its actually not.

Let me explain

Google has evolved to the stage when its constant updates are more intensively eliminating the unnatural SEO activities done to any website or blog. And we know that the most of the time we cannot do without unnatural SEO linking and traffic generating techniques.

We already know how to do SEO naturally, but that is one thing.
Sometimes you are ranking your blog on the page 3 or 4 or any other between 2 and 10, and you just cannot get higher no matter what backlinking SEO strategy you do.

(natural strategy of course, massive unnatural backlinking would drive you down and put your site in penalty in these days. Its not about quantity but quality, i bet you heard that one. But its true. As more natural your strategy is as more benefit you get from it)

And here we finally get to the Crowd Search.

One of the big ranking factor for any website is bounce rate, time spent on the site and interaction withthe site.
If someone comes to your blog and leave within 20 seconds and don’t go to any other page, that’s BAD, I mean

BIG BAD. Your site will sooner or later drop, Google detects it and give a higher priority to your competition. will reduce the bounce rate for you by real people interacting with your site, and Google will reward you for that. Nice claim, huh?

Well, everything is true, but not for everyone. There are lot of factors which could play a big role if the site will rank higher or not.

  1. Could be number of quality backlinks
  2. Age of the domain
  3. Domain authority
  4. On Page SEO
  5. Quality and well readable content (Google can recognized even that)

(I know that I repeat these same things all the time in my posts, but that’s exactly what is very relevant to the website rankings. Obviously we don’t know what are the exact rules by Google. No ONE knows except a few Google engineers. But we can determine what works and what doesn’t from our experience.)

So people like me realized, that if the REAL people from various different IP addresses will visit your blog, website, Landing or FB page, basically anything that ranks, you automatically start climbing up on the ladder.

Crowd Search is pre-programmed to optimize your campaign to deliver to you as many searches as you need depended on your current rank VS number of monthly searches for particular keyword. But you can still play around with settings and set any number of visits and minutes spent on your site.

Plus there is an extra feature for re-tweeting your URL on Twitter also as Twitter favorites.

Does Crowd Search Me Worth It?

I leave the decision up to everyone. Only what I can tell that is that its genuine service and no hype and it can really lift you up in rankings. I’d wish I could give you a visible proof, but We signed up for this service about three weeks ago so there is not that drastically difference, but I will post an update with a proof anytime soon.

And if you watch the video intro, they are showing the mind blowing results, and you need to know that these results are not typical.

There are many testimonials that can prove that works.

If you want you can check the another software called Crowd Force, kind of a coincidence in the name similarity  but the software is actually from different creators.  Just want to mention that I don’t do reviews about crap software or plugins. For me its a waste of time and for you to read it would be too.

Here is the video where the creators of CrowdSearch explain how it works.

Crowd Search Me

Hello back again :)

In the last post i’ve been talk about how to start a blog or website, custom self hosted blog.

Of course there are other alternatives to self hosted site such as,, and many more..but to look professionally in the eyes of your visitors and maybe potential customers, whatever you are selling or offering.

In a nutshell the site like will look much better than

Therefore, these sites, called Web 2.0 properties, are important when it comes down to linking strategy, SEO. But this is for another topic.

Today I’m going to talk about how to start blogging.

Setting Up Your New Blog to Start Blogging

Before you publish your first article, you must choose the niche if you haven’t done yet. Niche is basically the topic on which you will be blogging.

First you need to customize your blog a little bit, make it good looking.

Choose Your Theme

There are thousands of different themes, skins and layouts for WordPress. That’s also one of the reasons why is Wordpress platform so popular.

You can find several different themes for different niches, you must have some sort of an idea and start looking for theme that suit your website the best.

If you intent to run a Magazine, Review or News blog, then you would go for some magazine theme like MaxMag, TrueNews or The World. I personally use these on some of my websites.

You can search for a free theme through or the other popular theme design companies for example ThemeForest or Theme-Junkie.

Pick your theme and play around with a little, to get familiar with it.

Once you installed your desired theme and customized it, (I will post an article about theme customization for the most SEO power sometime later, because i don’t want to distract you with technical SEO stuff), you are ready to move on with installing important plugins for your blog.

Installing the Powerful Plugins for Your WordPress Website

What Plugins Do I Need?

Ok, with plugins it’s a little bit subjective, because there are thousands of plugins for self hosted WordPress and only a fraction of them are actually useful and helpful.

First i’m going to review the free plugins that I use and recommend and also tell you why I recommend them.

Important and Free Plugins for WordPress

SEO by Yoast

proper seo pluginThis plugin is helpful for your SEO purposes such as adding meta tags, meta titles and meta description to your blog posts. It shows the preview of your post snippet (how your post will look like in the Google search results) and you can paste or type in any meta description you like to attract more visitors with some catchy phrases. You can play around with some more of the options if you want, but for the start I would recommend to leave everything in default.

Google XML Sitemaps

It generates the XML sitemaps for your site. This mainly helps to index your posts and site in the search enginessite maps for a blog better and much faster. The plugin also notifies the SE’s about the new content on your site, so it works such as ping service submission.

Highly recommended!


Preventing a blog from SpamAkismet will prevent your blog from spam post comments. It will automatically detect them and put them into spam folder inside your dashboard => comment section.

Only what you need to do in order to get the plugin to work is activate it. You have to register on their site and get an API key, copy and paste it in the appropriate field inside your WordPress dashboard => plugins => Akismet => API.


WP Super Cache or Quick Cache Plugin

Either one of them. These plugins are for faster caching of your pages, specifically content on your pages and posts.

Your website pages will load faster which will only benefit you on the long run. Google’s algorithm prefers the fast loading sites from the slower ones, so installing this handy tool will do you a big favor. (There’s paid alternative to this plugin, just recently released in January 2015, called Rapid Ranker. Very good plugin software)

Social Signals Plugins

There are many good social plugins. Having an option of liking and sharing your content via the biggest socialgetting social signals to my website networks is very essential in these days. Social network are constantly growing and there is a huge market on these platforms. Not let alone the fact that Facebook is second most visited site on the internet after Google NO.1.

AddThis Social Plugin

Search for AddThis social plugins and choose the one which you prefer. They have a quiet choice how and where you can place the social like and sharing buttons. All of them are very handy.

Powerful Paid Plugins for WordPress

Same as free plugins, there is so many of them and only a few are actually helpful and useful. You don’t want to have 100’s of useless plugins installed on your wordpress blog from several reasons.

  1. It’s slowing down your site performance
  2. You are using more bandwidth and file space (which can also cause slowing down your web site or even put it to offline)
  3. Site issues – Sometimes the plugins could interfere with each other and cause problems with your website such as errors,messed up theme, not loading properly etc.

So basically you want to keep the number of installed plugins as low as possible, but don’t miss some good ones with great features.

BLI Submitter (

This tool uses it’s API key in order to make it work you need to register and select the monthly subscription plan which starts at $14.97/month.

So you go to, register, download the plugin and install it on your blog, get an API key and acticate it.

That’s it!

P.S. This is very powerful service and you really should take an advantage of this.

WP Rapid Ranker

how to rank wordpress siteI use this one instead of free WP Super Cache or Quick Cache Plugin. The cost is one time fee of $47. What Rapid Ranker does, it speed up your website and load time. It has same features as free cache plugins with some extras which makes this plugin very powerful.

Google focuses more and more attention for the factors like speed of your site and bounce rate and its becoming important ranking factor for your blog.

If your blog is slow with very high bounce rate, you will never rank.

Spider Spanker

You probably won’t need this software for now, if you are just starting your blog, but later on it comes really handy todownload you. I will explain why in a second.

Presume that you are already ranking your blog for some higher searches keywords. You are starting generating an income and you want to keep it that way. Because what could happen is, that your competition want to over rank you, and one of the ways to do it is to “spy on you”.

They find all your backlinks that got you in the top of the searches and try to model that, basically do the better job than you did, in better case. Sometimes they start spamming your site with toxic backlinks which could also put you in the Google penalty.

So Spider Spanker prevents the competition and many different bots and spiders from spying on you. So they don’t see the important backlinks that got you rank.

Social Network Signals

Generates social network signals for your blog on autopilot. Just set it and forget it.

Social Signals are also one of the important ranking factor, and by number of social signals Google determines the importance of your site. With a combination of different backlinks its very powerful.

This service will cost you $25/month.

That’s it for now, hope this was helpful and talk soon!

Before You Can Start Blogging

Ok, No fluff, no bluff..

Getting Hosting Package

There is various web hosting providers that you can choose from. I will shortly describe the ones that I personally recommend and give you reasons why i recommend them.

The choice is yours which one you choose or if you want to research and find other that satisfy more your needs, go ahead.

Just try to avoid of free hosts, as they are useless and you would go into a lot of struggle that would give you headache.


Very cheap and reliable host. prov. is Host Nine. Their basic shared hosting package price is starting as low as $3.45 per month.

Lets break down what you would get:

Personal Account ($3.45/month):

  • You are allowed to host one domain
  • server located in US
  • Storage space and bandwidth unlimited
  • One extra dedicated IP will cost you extra $2
  • SSL certificate for $39.95/year

Business Account ($5.95/month):
Same as above except that you can host up to 100 domains and choose from 4 different servers located in USA, Netherlands, Singapore and UK.

This comes pretty handy and useful for SEO purposes such as backlinking and building PBN’s (private blog networks). But this is for different topic.

Last package is Enterprice ($8.45/month)
Same as business plan, but it comes with free SSL, free IP and free domain (probably best value)

Then there’s a choice of:
media hosting for 4.95 per month
VPS for $30 per month
Dedicated Server for $195 per month
Reseller for $18.95 per month

But for the start you wont need any of those. Only if you’d need to increase the number of sites or bandwidth.

To check out the HostNine click here

Another cheap and reliable web host provider is Blue Host. I use blue host for a few of my sites and blogs, but this would be my second option after Host Nine as its missing some cool features which make Host 9 so unique.

  • But for the basic shared hosting package you will get:
  • one free domain first year registration
  • unlimited number of domains
  • Unlimited storage space
  • unlimited bandwidth

Basically everything unlimited, but not exactly. There is a catch.

And the catch is that you are limited but its just not stated how much. Ironic isn’t it? Once your website starts receiving more traffic and number of files starts to grow, they start bothering you and forcing you to fix the problem or they will deactivate the account.

This happened to me many times, but they got a good live support service. So i managed to always fix the problem within 2 hours since it occurred and they activated my account again.

Buying and Choosing Your Domain Name

Ok, now you will need some domain. Its completely up to you what name you choose. Just go and pick one. The most of the common phrases will be probably taken already by someone else so you need to go more broad, more into the dept.

For example: – definitely is taken, but might be available. You just need to get a little bit creative with choosing your domain name.

Where and How to Buy My Domain

Now, you can buy your domain with any hosting provider that you chose to host your blog with and it will cost you somewhere from 10 – 20 dollars. But I will give you one good tip how and where to buy them cheaper.

Go to and register for free. GoDaddy is one of the biggest domain name registrar on the internet. They also offer the web hosting services, you can check it out if you want.

I used them for hosting a couple of years ago, but not anymore.

Anyway, register your account and that’s it!

They always have some good deals for many different tlds such as .com, .net, .org etcetera.

And sometimes you can find the coupon, if you do some research, which you can apply it and have it even cheaper. (For example .com for$0.99 first year).

This will save you a little bit of money to start.

Now presuming that you bought and parked your new domain with GoDaddy, you need to change your nameservers and point them to your new web hosting account. It’s easy.

How to Change Nameservers inside GoDaddy Account

Login to your GoDaddy acc. => click My Account and then Manage my Domains

start a blog with godaddy

It will redirect you to your domain manager where you will find all the domains that you bought.  Click the little gearwheel icon in the top right corner beside your domain name and click on Domain Details.

how to change nameservers at godaddy


managing your domains

This will bring you to your domain settings where you can change all of the details associated with that domain.

Untitled 6

In your settings tab click Manage Nameservers. This will open another window where you tick the box “Custom” and then add your Nameservers.

Now, depends on your hosting provider, you need to add their NS.

For use –
For use –

Click Save and that’s it!

There is just last one step that you need to do, install WordPress.

Installing the WordPress

Next thing is to install the WordPress on your domain that you just bought.

Log in to your cPanel account for the desired domain at There you will find a bunch of icons on your right hand side.

how to install wordpress

Scroll down and locate the section where it says “Scripts”, icon with “W” (WordPress). Click it and the installer will lead you through the whole installation process. It will take a few clicks and minutes.

Just don’t forget to fill in your WP login details, otherwise it will stay default and generate random password for you. But you can change it anytime later.

Untitled 9

And you should be good to go!

Login to your blog or WordPress dashboard, if you want, here:

Type in your username and password that you chose and log in. If you forgot your password or username, just check your email that you associated with your hosting account.

Hope that this was helpful. I will add in more info about blogging and SEO soon!

Now log in and start blogging!

Crowd Force Review

I always come across many rumors when it comes down to web traffic sources while searching the web, especially if we talk about the particular software.

I cannot even tell how many unlimited traffic generating software are out there claiming the unlimited push button traffic source to your website right from the comfort of your home.

Personally, I tried a lot of them for last 4 years of being active web developer and SEO.

So let’s talk about the Crowd Force.

Crowd Force is a simple and straight forward to use software to generate traffic, and backlinks, to your website, Youtube video or landing page, in the form of comments.

And, apart from other similar software, it doesn’t claim to give you unlimited traffic to you site with a push of a button.

No. It just does what it says.

The software go out there and find for you sort of unlimited traffic sources, but it doesn’t do all the work for you.

Then it’s only up to you to leverage these traffic source pockets.

One of the big mistake that i’ve learned is that there’s no such a software which brings you unlimited web traffic without some work on your behalf.

The ones who claim that are possibly spammers looking to sell push button crab software or people who got no clue what they talk about.

But Crowd Force is different.

I bought the software because the promo selling video really got my attention.

Asking Why?

It was honest and made a lot of sense.

Of course that before I buy anything online I always check the reviews from other people, what they have to say.

You almost always find the reviews of particular product, unless you are the very first person who bought the product, which is pretty much unlikely.

And obviously i’ve found the reviews that were not exactly the independent product reviews of someone who tried and tested the Crowd Force, but more like very exaggerated fishing story.

“Automated unlimited high targeted traffic to your website with a push of a button! Just sit back and watch your traffic going through the roof.”

Or something similar to that.

Here is the right version:

With Crowd Force you can find unlimited traffic sources, but then it’s up to you how you going to leverage and how much time you are willing to invest.

You can get highly targeted traffic if you properly do the research and right keywords you want to target.

So the it requires some work to get traffic and backlinks, more traffic you want, more work you have to do.

The best way is to do daily tasks, lets say half an hour or an hour every day if you have more than one site.


Crowd Force – How It Works

Crowd Force Interface

Basically, the traffic generating technique consist in finding the other relevant posts or Youtube videos to your niche by typing in your specific keywords.

And Crowd Force start scraping the relevant sites to your keyword.


You can choose from 7 different modules right now.modules

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Youtube
  • Squidoo
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Facebook
  • Ask

Usually you would select all of them and hit save.

Now, go through the sites that Crowd Force found for you, read the posts and leave the comment,of course relevant to your website.

Take your time with selecting the right website or forum, with enough of traffic and good rank. Also spend some time reading the blog post, so you can leave some good comment that will be appreciated.

Well, that’s pretty much it.

Do a few every day and you will definitely see your traffic slightly growing up.

Valuable Backlinks

Another cool thing by doing commenting is that once you leave the comment with the link to your site, it counts as a backlink.

And these backlinks could be very valuable for the SERP’s.


So just to close this up, here is a quick conclusion whether Crowd Force is legit software of scam.

It’s legit!

Do you need it? No..It’s up to you if you want to simplify and organize your tasks.

We use this software for our websites and clients sites for over 2 weeks.  Although the traffic and backlinking strategy isn’t any new to us, it works, makes everything well organized for you and it saves you time.

Crowd Force save you a good bit of time apart from searching for the sites and posts manually, and you can have everything nicely organized.

It might not be for people who are looking for some fully automated process, but from my opinion it’s not that much of work and neither big investment of only $47.

This software pretty much worth it :)

Crowd force download 450x120 banner

Setting up a Project

Why and How to Set Up Your Business Blog

set up business blogAs an answer to many people why to set up the blog for the business of any kind is plain and simple. You need a blog!

There’s a thousands of blog consulting and web developing companies which you could use. But of course not everybody can afford to pay for their services. The biggest problem is to fit in the budget, mostly for business starters.

It’s not only the money issues but also the time issues. Thinking to do it all yourself you would need the time and persistence to learn the stuff correctly and implementing it into your business. It’s not only about to learn how to put up the content on your blog and how to set up the business blog, there’s much more. You’ll have to learn so called “on page SEO” and “off page SEO“, which i’ll explain in a moment.

The main idea of the blog is to provide your customers with fresh and regularly updated content, and that is also the biggest difference between the blog and static website. Regularly updated blogs are also search engine friendly apart from websites that are just sitting there without fresh content or much of a content at all.

You can imagine the blog as News sites such as Huffington Post or LA Times. When you have a look at these sites they are updated every day or e few times a day with thousands of page views every day.

And that’s what you want your blog to be look like.

Determine what you want to blog about. Focusing on the certain niche and targeting the particular audience to your niche would be the best way how to set up the business blog, if you intent to sell physical or digital products related to your niche.

And if your website or blog will look good with a proper management and valuable info, the visitors, as potential customers will be coming back for more.

That’s the way it goes.

People love great and helpful content and they will stay longer on your site if it’s targeting particular niche and potential customers.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a website targeting several different niches, or blog about everything. These works well, especially if you want to monetize your blog or site through advertising programs such as Google Adsense, Chitika etc.

The website like that will receive more traffic than the first, niche business blog, but more likely will gain less in revenue net profit as the ads will be less targeted if you intent to partner with one of the advertising company mentioned above, such as Adsense.

Therefore, this is not stand rule!

All depends on how much of effort and quality content you are willing to put up, how good is your on page SEO, off page SEO, marketing strategy and so on..

So i the conclusion is individually up to everyone.

Find your hobby, something that you are passionate about and share your thoughts, ideas and information with others who might find it useful.

Go and set up your business blog online and dip your toes in a water.


Always start with a passion in your heart :)

more info

Need a Blog Consulting?

blog consulting

Our website is here to provide you with right info about starting your own website or blog, as well as blog consultation.
We give you the good reason why to start your first website or blog for your already established or just starting business.

If this is your very first time and you don’t know anything about setting up the website or blog, DON’T WORRY! Blog Consulting LLC will walk you through and show you everything that is necessary to start and maintain your website using the most common and easy to use website platform called WordPress.

Also show you the cheapest, easiest and simplified way to get the Web Hosting for your website or blog, install the WordPress and all necessary plugins for the best performance of your new blog including SEO (search engine optimization), to get high rankings in the search engines.
Blog Consulting LLC offers the first consultation for free, just to show how serious we are about our business and customers.

If you think that this is too much of work,have no time or basically just don’t want to learn all the technical stuff, and still want or need a website or blog, we’ve got you covered!

Our blog consulting company also offers a custom build website or blog for lower prices than anywhere else. The prices are reflected what option you choose. If you want us to set up the whole site with all content such as articles, pictures, videos included, or choose your own content, send it to us and we will do the rest, such as load the articles, pictures and videos on your site, SEO, and if you like, promotion of your site as well.

It’s clearly up to you :)

We can also show you how to make money blogging, if you have no idea already. There’s a many ways how to start home based business and generate an income revenue online using your own website or blog, so let us lead you the right direction and show you the know how.

Now,you might be asking why the lower prices.

It’s because our company is just starting and we have to keep up with a competition that have a plenty of customers already, so they can simply afford to put up their prices. Not talking about that their customer service usually “sucks”, because of high volume of customers.

We are not like that!

With a lower flow of customers Blog Consulting LLC can manage to keep every single one happy and quickly co-respond with every question or need that might appear.

With that been said, you will always get the highest quality products and service possible.

Our customers are always our priority!

Kind Regards

Blog Consulting LLC


start blogging

Achieving Financial Freedom isn't easyBlogging can be your ticket to financial freedom in 2015 and up coming future. While not many people become rich through blogging, and don’t know how to make money blogging, you can make some extra cash through your blog. This extra cash will help you achieve your financial goals, but first, the firsts: What you need in order to be a good blogger.

Maintenance is Crucial

Routine is boring to some people, but it is one factor that you need to embrace if you want a successful blog. Why am I talking about routine? You need to have an updated blog. Do not post irregularly without a specific plan or you will wear out the patience of your audience. By this I mean that you should post regularly and don’t be lazy about it, especially when your blogging goal is to make money, become your own boss and achieve financial freedom.

Keep your audience busy and they will follow you faithfully. Be entertaining too. Nobody wants to read a boring blog. Keep your content relevant and interesting. Maintain a certain tone with your audience. Be pleasant too.

The Entertainment Factor of Blogging

A blog will have as many visitors as its content. The more the quality content being offered, the more the visitors will be on the particular blog. Let us be realistic. A blog needs at least ten posts that are interesting and captivating for your traffic analyzer to read some tangible results that can help you know where you are on the influence meter.

Blog platforms like blogger and WordPress have made it easy even for beginners to display their stuff, whether written, video or in picture form. With these blogging platforms, the website is nearly ready for use and you can incorporate widgets and other fun stuff that will make your blog appealing to a visitor even before you start posting your content and start making money from blogging.

Domain name and Hosting: To pay or Not to Pay?

Sometimes bloggers prefer to use services at a fee to support their blogs, but that is not the right way of how to make money blogging. These services include web hosting which basically means that you pay for your blog or page to go live on the internet. You also pay for a domain name which is the name of your blog. Sometimes, some sites offer these services for free. If I were to choose, I would pay for these services. Why? It’s simple. Paid for services are efficient and they keep you visible on the internet. Free services will come with quirks and if they choose to withdraw these services, it means you are also affected. It’s possible that your blog may not be live on the internet all the time. This is not good for business.  You better invest some finances and get proper hosting, so the others can see that you are serious about blogging.

Paid services are cheap. You will pay about ten Dollars per month to maintain your blog live on the internet. If you have the blog for the sole purpose of making money blogging, then you can consider these expenditures as costs of running your business.

Reasons you Need a Blog Today and Make Money Blogging

A blog is a sure way to become financially free and get potential customers to notice your products and services. If you have an eBook you areHow to Blogging selling or a tangible product that you can ship to an interested customer, you can use a blog to advertise it. Sites such as Amazon made it big because they discovered this secret earlier than most of us. The internet is a powerful marketing tool. Harnessing its potential is entirely up to you.

You Can Use Your Blog to Advertise

Adsense is a Google program that lets you earn money through its banners and advertisements. You simply choose where the Ads are to be placed on your blog and you are good to go. The earnings trickle in depending with how your traffic is doing and where it’s coming from. Traffic in this case is the number of visitors your blog receives.

There are many advertising programs. Some would require membership. Adsense is a tried and tested method that works. New ones will keep coming up as long as the internet is there, but it is not guaranteed that these programs actually work.

Affiliate Programs and Blogs

Affiliate programs are those methods of advertising that use your blog as an advertising platform to advertise their goods and services. For instance, if you talk about fashion, you could use your blog to advertise something new on Amazon. This is affiliate marketing. How do you go about it? You have to register with the advertising company so that they can include your blog in their database. Then you embed their codes on your blog and you are good to go and start making money blogging. You will need to learn a bit of web design to understand these codes or you can also spend some money to have someone set them up for you. The cost is little compared to how much you can make from the programs, if you have traffic flow to your site, of course. Chances are that you will opt to learn how to do it. It is not jargon.

Blogging Is the Way to Make Money in 2014

finances from blogWhen people define this term, it doesn’t register that you can actually have a virtual business like a blog. While the phrase encompasses home businesses with actual products (most are usually home-made stuff), you can actually have a blog that brings extra income, if you learn how to make your blogging profitable and make money.
Your blog can earn money through Adsense, Affiliate marketing or commerce. What is eCommerce? If you have a business and you want to sell through the internet, you can open a selling blog. Upload videos of the product or pictures and put a price tag on the item. This is eCommerce explained in the simplest of terms.

You can have a home business with a supporting blog where you will sell your products and create a platform for interacting with customers. The key to successful blogging and successful business will lie with the interaction between you and your customers. Ensure that your blog is user-friendly and offers satisfaction to customers when they need help in purchasing or having their questions answered. Ensure that you also create a department for handling complaints, as people always have a lot of questions. This will ensure the smooth running of your virtual or eCommerce platform.

The Businesses of the Future, The Freedom of Blogging

Online businesses define the future of trade. If you learn how to make money blogging, with the reduced set-up financing and low running costs, your profits keep expanding. In the past, you had to have adequate seed finances to afford even the smallest of businesses. Nowadays, you don’t require that much seed money for a home based business unless you are making your own products. You can sell an idea online. You can also sell information which will ensure someone else’s freedom. It’s just a matter of thinking outside the box.

The advent of Smartphones and supporting Apps make it even easier to sell while on the go. You can do business anywhere. Blogging has supported Apps that keep you at par with what you want to sell. You can even know how many visitors are interested in what you are selling. The trick is to be specific with the keywords you use to sell an item. Use words that people search and you are sure to make money from your blog through blogging.

More info about what is a blog