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spin rewriter 6.0 all-spin-rewriter-bonuses

The famous internet marketer and creator of Spin Rewriter, one of the best article marketing software on the internet, Aaron Sustar is releasing the new 6.0 version, which is going to blow the mind of every online marketer or blogger who is doing some sort of content marketing or SEO.

I have a really big respect for Aaron because of his inventive and innovative tools, services and ideas that are there to really help every single marketer, SEO expert and blogger. Spin Rewriter is among the many tools that is highly effective, delivers what’s promised and save a tons of time by producing 100% unique and readable content by implementing ENL semantic search, so the articles will be always very readable.

For me personally, Spin Rewriter 6.0 is one of my favorite SEO and content marketing software for the last 5 years, and worth every single penny of investment.

Since 2011 i have been actively doing and improving my SEO skills for the best possible results, and I came across many marketing SEO software that was promising a highly lucrative outcome. But unfortunately, most of the time the expectations were higher than real results, meaning that I have been a victim of a partial lie, wasted my money and time. Sometimes, especially in these days, you could also seriously hurt and damaged your SEO campaign and sites, or your client sites if providing SEO services for the local businesses.

The new 6.0 version of the software will create even more unique and readable articles, much faster. Also for everybody who get the Spin Rewriter 6.0 gold membership, will receive up to 50 unique articles written on the subject by own choice, plus another 7 cool bonuses in the form of marketing software and ebooks to help everyone with content marketing effort.

Well, actually I even would say that those 3 tools an 4 ebooks that everyone get as a bonus are as much valuable as Spin Rewriter itself, and are necessary for professional SEO and article marketing campaigns, that will almost effortlessly bring in a tons of free traffic from organic searches and passive revenue income.


ps: Significant discount and valuable bonus package will not stay for long

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Here is the sneak peak over the 7 bonuses:

Merge-ArticlesMerge Articles (software, value $39.95) – This great tool allows you to effortlessly integrate your material into a single document quickly! It’s best for bringing together a great deal of short articles or other kind of material for distribution on your sites. Simply click a few buttons and you instantly combine together numerous posts in.txt format in order to produce one huge short article for use in text rotators and other devices.


Content-ScreenerContent Screener (software, value $39.95) – This software application tool includes a range of exceptionally practical functions for every single material marketer:
– It compares 2 posts side by side and reveals the portion of duplicated material between the two posts.
– It reveals you exactly which parts of text are copied making use of different color highlighting.
– It saves you effort and time when rewriting posts due to the simple contrast.
– It shows the keyword density of each short article for the keyword you’ve chosen.
– It helps to examine your freelance authors’ work and guarantee that your material is not duplicated and will never be punished by the search engines.

Article marketing softwareArticle Helper (software, value $19.95) – This neat software application device is indicated to, as the name indicates, help you write short articles. It will put your “in-progress” and completed short articles all in one area, you can arrange them by word count, title, niche. Article Helper works as a basic text editor, and permits you to deal with short articles and come back to them later on, never misplacing anything.


Articles into Videos (ebook, value $19.95) – Contents of this ebook:

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Short article Marketing
  • 3. Video Marketing
  • 4. Integrating Article and Video Marketing
  • 5. PowerPoint for Videos

The best method to incorporate post marketing and video marketing is to very first write posts and send them to content rich sites (ideas inside the ebook), then turn each of your articles into videos that can be submitted to various video sites.

When you first produce the articles, be sure you are utilizing keywords for the titles. These keywords will be important for the traffic of both your articles and videos.

30-Minute-Keywords30 Minute Keywords (ebook, value $29.95) – Discover extremely lucrative keywords in minutes. This ebook will teach you to:

  • How to streamline your keyword research and discover some of the best keywords for insanely profitable markets, instantly!
  • How to determine what keywords to abuse within your affiliate campaign for maximum conversions and profits!
  • What you have to find out about long-tail versus short-tail keywords that will certainly have a significant effect on your total revenues!
  • Quick & simple keyword research study techniques, consisting of a list of leading tools and resources!

Content-Marketing-StrategiesContent Marketing Strategies (ebook, value $29.95) – As soon as your content marketing is up and running and your site is growing at a stable pace, it’s time to take your content marketing to the next level. That suggests having more integrated material and abusing a larger variety of formats.

Advanced content marketing also indicates working to reinforce your brand, voice, and personality because through that you’ll become more extensively known. You’ll end up being the website and company that your potential customers rely on.

Advanced content marketing also provides you the special ability to begin to fine-tune your audience and your clients. Through personas and market division, you can start to craft material that talks with your ideal customer. You’ll forge a more powerful bond and produce brand commitment. This is the power of content marketing and it’s waiting for you inside this ebook

Ultimate Link Building guideUltimate Link Building (ebook, value $29.95) – Here’s exactly what this remarkable ebook exposes in an easy-to-understand format:

  • Link Building Basics
  • What is Link structure
  • Importance of Backlinks
  • Search Engine Optimization Basics You Need To Know
  • 10 Ways To Build Backlinks
  • The Difference Between 3 Category of Techniques
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Gray hat SEO
  • How To Avoid Being Slapped By Google Updates
  • Creative Link Building Techniques
  • Untapped Backlink Sources … and more!

You’ll discover ways to construct connect to outrank your competitors and get your site on the top of online search engine for more traffic, more profits and more revenues.


Get this amazing offer with significant discount and all bonuses while its still available! I cannot guarantee how long Aaron will keep this up :)

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PS: Also check out the new launch of Digital Product Blueprint by Eben Pagan

Another Brilliant Product Launch Blueprint

digital product blueprint launch

Its been a few days since Jeff Walker’s absolutely amazing pre-launch and launch of his all-in-one Product Launch Formula online business course, and we have another great product, which is as powerful as PLF, called Digital Product Blueprint by Eben Pagan.

So first what I want to say is that if you missed the PLF launch or just couldn’t make up your mind soon enough, THIS IS DEFINITELY THE SECOND SOLUTION.

Digital Product Launch is as valuable as PLF. its all about how to choose the right targeted niches, how to create the digital product and launch it online with the avalanche effect that will make you more money launch after launch, month after month.

Launch is the only and most important part of the every successful business, that gets most of the clients, generates most of the income and injects live fresh blood into the business. Such as Evergreen Business. Not many people talk about this, do it or teach it. Once you can 100% master the launches, then you will build successful business with any niche or product that you could imagine.

That’s all what Product Launch Formula and Digital Launch Blueprint is all about. The absolute control over your own business, geographical and personal freedom that almost everybody dream about. But Not many know that this could be their reality in their real life, and its so simple to achieve it once you change the way you are thinking, the average perspective view of the world.

But I am not going to go deep into the psychology and spirituality here, just say that Its crucial and important part of all, the business, personal life, everything around us.

Digital Product Launch Affiliate Program

The launch of DPB is coming soon and is you would like to jump in once its out, you are very welcome, just frequently check my website for the updates. But if you would like to become a part of the JV launch and make some money on the side by promoting and offering DPB course, then you can do so right over here.

I have to mention that this is top quality high ticket program, so please be considerable when promoting it and no hyped and made up reviews or cheap low quality referrals looking for some cheap Warriorplus or JVZoo product.

Read about Product Launch Formula in the News

PS:Wait for more info updates about DPB launch…

Every successful starting business has to start with a good idea. Every good idea must have some sort of a product. And every product needs a LAUNCH!

Good Business Ideas and Product Launch Formula

This is very clear path and 3 steps process, that is necessary to successful launch of a product, business or services online. First, if you are not clear about what product or business to start, then you have to come up with a number of good business ideas and then go through them and select the best one.

The Question is: What is the Best Business Idea to Start?

good business ideasThis is maybe the hardest, maybe the trickiest part for the beginners who want to start online business, but don’t know what and how.

You don’t need necessarily a physical product, but they earn more trust. I have to say that from my own experience, and also experience from others, everyone should start with something that he or she is good at, passionate about or just know a lot about that particular subject. We are living in the world of information, and the right information in the right time could be really valuable for someone, especially if it helps them to solve their problem.

Your product could be for example a meditation guide, helping the people who are interested in meditation to achieve their results better and faster, or City gardening, how to grow on the small place in the City, or training about how to do the professional graphics and video. The ideas are almost endless, its just about the quantity of information that you possess, and which you can give.

Its very interesting when you think about it. How many people are trying to resolve the exactly same problem that you have already solved and have that information in a form that they can easily access. Or maybe you are a big inventor and you have a product that could help many, but maybe its very specific for certain audience or just don’t know how to get it to the right place, people and market.

Anyway, all the answers and different strategies for each business are covered in a detail inside the Product Launch Formula. Those are tested and proven to work marketing strategies, so its not like that you are trying new things and see if it will work.

Its called “Hope Marketing”, you create something and then hope for the results, instead of having everything planned step by step creating results for yourself. Its more sensible. Putting all of that work into it and then just hope isn’t really good business strategy, neither good business idea.

The complete business plan must be done by yourself, PLF or I can just give you bunch of good business ideas, but the action must be on your behalf. And please, don’t look for any push button online money making solution, because nothing like that exists, at least not on the legal market.

But once you start and put all the pieces that you need together, it becomes easier and easier. But without the appropriate action, there is no reward. And again, I know that from my own experience.

Is Product Launch Formula Good for Every Kind of Business on Internet?

is product launch formula good

I recommend Product Launch Formula to everyone, period!

And why it isn’t cheap?

Its because the information and exact product launch plan inside the PLF is working so well, and only a few people, compared to whole world, actually do it!

Its not one of those warrior plus $17 pdf guides, that you can put up within an afternoon. There’s a big difference between them, not just in the price.

Its like you gonna buy yourself either a cheapest old car, that you are not sure about if it will make it safe home, or you buy much more expensive new car that will bring you everywhere you want. Big ideas sometimes require a bigger investment, that’s how it is. And to spot the right and big opportunity among the many great business ideas is the key. :)


get product launch formula


(Also read relative article about home business ideas)

But always start with something that you have close to.

Jeff will show you how to build email list full of buyers not wasters, and how people will love to pay you for your product, information or services that you provide. Nobody will see you as typical seller, but an authority.

product launch plan and bonus

As you probably know, I am promoting and recommending Product Launch Formula training class, because I know that its probably the best home based business coaching and training that anyone could get on the internet. I am just amazed with amount of value that Jeff is giving in his free pre-launch coaching sessions before he opens the registrations for his 2016 PLF training class. Everything that Jeff talks about is pure value, and could be straight and easily implemented into the any kind of business.

His business teaching strategy is great, first anyone can do it, and second its very inexpensive, so there is no financial risk involved. Basically with a couple of bucks in cost per month you can build 5 figure business easily.

Now, back to my PLF bonus.

I’ve been thinking about how to leverage the strategy for product launches for complete beginner who have no clue where to start and what to do even more. I put together 3 different free products that should help and add to the product launch formula training more leverage.

ps: the bonuses are not created by me, therefore I am an ambassador and have all resell and giveaway rights to distribute the product as own.

Bonus #1

Outsourcing Buddy – Its the series of over 30 videos about how to start a professional website from the scratch. No more frustration and playing with codes, finding reliable web hosting etc. Everything that the one needs to build WordPress websites at will.

Its easy to follow, the videos are not too long and give you all the necessary information to the start.

Get your 1st PLF Bonus Here

Bonus #2

WP PinBoard – The second bonus is WP PinBoard theme for WordPress sites. So in first step you learn how to build the website, and every website needs a theme, the visual layout of the site. With wordpress its very easy to change the themes and pick the one that suit your needs the best.

This theme has been created to give a website similar layout and navigation as Pinterest. The theme would suit the best to the Artists such as painters, photographers, jewelers, crafts, but also gardeners, travelers etc.

Get your free WP PinBoard bonus

Bonus #3

WP Traffic Magnet – 3rd bonus is a syndication and traffic generating plugin for WordPress, with a full automation feature, set it and forget it. This is the cool and easy to use tool that will save everybody a lot of time, thanks to its automation feature.

Once the plugin is installed on your WordPress site, you just need to create all the supported social and web 2.0 profiles, save them in WP traffic magnet plugin and schedule the posts, updates etc. The entire process can be fully automated by doing the job once and let the tool distributing all the scheduled content to all the accounts.

Unadvertised Bonus #4

Hold on here, this is not all.

If you read whole the way until here, it means that you are probably interested in Product Launch Formula training and my bonuses. Which I believe is the right choice.

The very last but not least bonus from me would be my personal coaching and support for technical setup of your business website, basic but powerful SEO techniques etc.

I also decided to review and analyze your website, business niche competition to give you the best idea about the business market that you are entering to. Then if there is everything in one place and we both agree on everything, I will also include your website into my powerful SEO campaigns for much cheaper and lower costs than I normally charge to my clients. The SEO campaign is also coming with my super hot guarantee, where you pay only for results.

And this is probably the most valuable bonus that I can offer.

To be eligible for all the bonuses, you have to register for Product Launch Formula Class.

Once you purchased PLF, send me an email at: [email protected] and I will provide you with all the additional bonuses, training and services.

get product launch formula


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Good Business Ideas to Launch


Jeff Walker talks about How to upgrade yourself and your own way of thinking to achieve your goals and more results in your life from the financial, relation, health and well being perspective.

Jeff Walker and His 100% Strategy to Launch Any Business on the Internet

plfIf you have never heard about the Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, then you really need to listen, because if there is some product that can really help people launch their successful business online, this is it.

PLF is an extraordinary product that already helped hundreds of people all around the globe to reach their goals, start and run profitable business from a comfort of your bedroom and achieve financial freedom that so many people dream about.

Well, you can stop dreaming now. PLF is a vehicle that will carry you whole the way through product launch and how to structure it to obtain the best results possible. Just to get you familiar with creator of PLF, Jeff Walker, he is the guy who started it all.

He is the one who is responsible for the way of doing online marketing today. Back in 1996, when Jeff launched his first online business, there wasn’t many people involved in online business and nobody was aware of how big impact this would have on the entire way of starting online business.

Since than, every single successful online marketer I know, the people who are internet millionaires today, really took of their business when they got Jeff’s Product Launch Formula and implemented the entire strategy that is being revealed inside PLF.

Product Launch – The True Million Dollar Story

For example, if you know John Reese, the online marketing multi-millionaire. When John met Jeff on one of the marketing seminars in early 2005, He didn’t know how it will change his life forever. They became friends and Jeff shew him his product launch strategy that works for him very well, and John implemented it into his business.

And what happened?

With all the pre-launch sequences when it finally got to the launch day, John had made 1 million dollars in 24 hours from selling his product about the obtaining online traffic. And he had a million dollar launch day!

So if you want to know how every successful internet guru make money online, than you have to get this. Because as I said, Jeff as the first one, created the system that everyone is using now, the way of how online marketing works today.

PLF eliminates all the obstacles and misleading information, and will guide you through the entire product launch process with confidence and minimal costs.

If you are new to everything and kind of sitting on the fence, I can give you a few good examples why starting an online business could be the best choice for the people like you and me, the average people without any millionaire’s connections or background.

Good Reasons Behind Starting the Online Business

The first and very obvious reason to start business on the internet is independence and minimal risk with minimal investment. You basically become your own boss, and nobody will be telling you what to do and when to do it.

Think about it.

The most of the thing that we don’t like to do, we do for the money. Doing the most common and absolutely worst thing that 99% do is trading the time for money. Usually its the time we hate in exchange for little money. Its just how the society has evolved, how the richest people on the planet structured it to keep us under control, which I honestly don’t and probably never will understand.

I think every person deserves the same piece of everything that our mother earth gave us. I know that there will be many people seeing it the same way, and this is also one of the reasons why I started online business, to set myself free. I knew that once I can do it for myself, I could also help others to do the same.

And I think i was lucky, because the first thing that I stumbled on was Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker. When I read about Jeff’s personal story, I was feeling like he’s talking about me, so straight away I got that close connection and positive feeling about him and his product.

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Successful Business is About the Breakthrough

It works the same way for everyone. The success comes with the breakthrough. And what could cause the breakthrough? The properly structured product or business launch!

You can think of the “Launch” as the surprise package, when you know that there is something really good inside, but don’t know exactly what. You just know that you’ll like it. Or the great example is a new movie coming to the cinema. First there is a media buzz about the movie makers shooting the scenes for a new movie, and the famous actors and actresses featured in it. Then there is a 2 minute trailer, to show a small but best portion of a new film to catch the people’s attention even more. They usually use the catchy scenes that will give you the picture of what is the movie about, just enough to make you remember and decide whether you want to go to the cinema to watch it or not.

With product launch it works exactly the same way.

You target the right audience => catch their attention => and provide the good value in the pre-launch sequence before you offer to sell them something, Results in Advance.

Those who are interested in learning more before the big launch day, go to the following link and watch the 1st free video where Jeff is giving some valuable information regarding product and business launches and PLF..

Watch the 4 free pre-launch video series

where Jeff talks about

Product and Business Launches

Get the new

Product Launch Formula

with $4995 worth in bonuses

get product launch formula

SEO for Local and Small Businesses

SEO for Small Business

I have been talking about this before, and cannot stress enough how important it is to pick the right SEO professional. You as a business owner, without any knowledge of SEO and Google’s Guidelines, you would probably easily fall for some of the €199 or €299 per month package, promising top rankings in Google without any further explanation whatsoever.

I know that it could be overwhelming amount of information, but everything can be simply explained in a short version that everybody understands. The problem is that a lot of times the so called SEO expert who is employed by SEO company, don’t know himself how exactly the effective seo execution strategy works and what to say. So they would just tell you that its too complex for you to understand and that your business website is in right hands of professionals.

Also the most of the companies or individuals acting as a company often use the automation software and low quality content for building the links to your site. And when Google finds out what is going on, then most certainly its the end of the game for you. Once you get that bad badge on your site its very hard to get rid of it, and it takes time to recover your website again.

The most of the time its much more time and money efficient to start a brand new site.

So, the bottom line is, Would you pay someone €200 per month for pressing a button of some shady mass linking software with high possibility of getting in Google penalty?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t. I know the price seem to be lucrative enough, but its not worth it.

My Effective SEO and NOT False Promise


SEO Dublin Blog Consulting LLCI suppose that I just couldn’t sit back and watch what is going on. In last 2 years I met a few people, the local business owners, who since they found out that I am doing SEO as my spare time hobby that I am passionate about, they started to talking and giving out about these local web development and SEO companies. The main reason of their complaints was that they pay them, but don’t see the promised results. And some of these business owners were even saying that they would gladly pay even more if they got the results. Which got me really thinking.

I actively manage and optimize about 50 of my own sites, over a few different niches, and all of that by working part time. Until now.

The goal that I want to achieve is simple.

I am going to deliver the real results to the people that decide to put their trust in our hands. And I believe that this is what will change everything. Because everybody will pay only for the real results, not just for a fiction or false promises.

There’s no doubt that my SEO techniques are proven to work and safe against any Google update.

Here is the thing. Among the many other professionals who like to keep the secret, or they just like you to think that they know the secret to instantly position your website to the top of the organic searches, which they most of the time don’t, I’m going to lay down my strategy step by step, in a short version, skipping the details so its not 4000 word article.

I will give you a Frame of my complete SEO execution that I spent thousands of dollars and hours to make it work, so you can see the complexity proper SEO job, and not just throwing a bunch of links to the website to temporarily rank the site until Google inspects, gives a slap and dig the site very deep in organic searches, page 10+.

A Few Checkpoints Before Getting Started

  • Research the market and find the right niche, if you already know your niche, its even better, because everyone should always start the business that he/she knows about a lot. When it comes down to the knowledge, heck its the most valuable thing to posses. Therefore, that’s what people are seeking for in the occasions such as, when building a house, when starting the gardening, travelling to foreign country, when they want to become rich etc…
  • Next thing, once he/she is clear about the business niche, then its my turn to properly put all the pieces together.
  • Now, presuming that I have the content material provided by client already, which in most cases client provides as because of the fact that it his/her business which should be personalized, I can start to work.
  1. Analyse the website if there are not any issues or penalties, make sure that its design is responsive (desktop and mobile user friendly).
  2. Get a nice logo, install all the important plugins (software) and update the website’s setting for maximum SEO power.
  3. Check if On-page SEO is done correctly according to the latest Google update.
  4. Publish the content with rich media on each page and post (text, pictures, videos). The videos and pictures should be personalized according to his/her business (own videos and pictures).
  5. Submit the published posts and pages through the best link indexing service (, and the announcement networks such as social media and web 2.0 sites (Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon… Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress etc.) Its very essential to create many of these accounts and make them personal, because this is what gives the website social proof, the protection against Google penalty.
  6. Research the market and find the blogs, sites with same or similar interest, read their posts and leave some valuable comment with a link back to own site. I do it on regular basis, over the period of 3-6 weeks, until there is at least about 20 comments pointing back to the money site. (again, its for making the website look and act as a real business in the eyes of Google)
  7. After about 4 weeks, when the website has about 3 to 5 pages and about 5 posts, then its the time to start with Off-page SEO (back-linking)

Sometimes if the site has good trust and authority metrics followed by low competition in the market, this all that needs to be done to rank on the first page of Google. But in most of the cases its not enough.

So here comes the second part of my effective SEO strategy that will be focused on building a natural high authority link profile.

When it comes down to natural linking strategy, there is no better way than do it manually in these days as Google can sniff unnatural and low quality mass linking done by some of the automation software. I’m not saying that all the automation tools are bad, some of them are well built and they had their days when it was safe to use them, but not now in 2015 +.

I sometimes still use some of the good semi-automated tools, but just where its safe and if anything would happen it doesn’t effect my money sites.

This article is getting already way too long, so I decided to explain the rest in a short 8 minutes video.

Here is the 1st part of the article:

SEO Dublin – SEO Services for Local Businesses in Ireland

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Hire SEO Expert in Ireland (part 1)

We are a small SEO firm offering SEO services in Dublin City area and rest of the Ireland, but also globally in a different countries as far as its in English language, targeting English speakers. Until now we worked just with a small group of people and didn’t offer the services to the general public.

We are a small business company focused and committed to deliver the best results possible, with a different approach.

Read more about our cost effective SEO services

The Difference Between SEO Services

search engine optimization IrelandThis is important to know that there are many companies offering different SEO services and approach with different price tags for each one of them. Some experts would charge for their services per hour rate, some will offer different packages and you just don’t know what to choose and more importantly what’s the best for your website. Sometimes it does feel like that you need to an expert yourself, doesn’t it?

As a New and Innovative company fully motivated to provide the best SEO services to deliver  results, I decided to overcome this problem.

What is Best SEO? Results in Advance!

seo dublin irelandIts seemed to me that many people were asking and didn’t know what exactly are they paying for, when they purchase one of the packages offered by many. Years ago when I was starting with SEO, everything was new and I was curious and studying other SEO experts and companies and from time to time I bought their services to see what results it will bring to my rankings.

And with honesty I can say that I never got any results, not even close to what I was expecting or sometimes guarantied. So I could never really understand how this works and what i’m actually paying for if I don’t see any results.

So I got into deep SEO study to deliver positive results to myself first.

I managed to create a certain SEO strategy that is long term effective and bulletproof to any penalties by Google for unnatural SEO. Its like a strategy frame, where I follow the strategy that I found most effective and safe.

Of course, there is always a little catch. For each website, each business niche, keywords, geographic area it differs. And there is no exact same step by step strategy for all of them. There are so many factors that are involved in whether your site will rank easy or not, that no one can exactly say how long and how much money and effort it will take to get the website on the 1st page of Google.

It seemed to me unfair that customers have to pay without knowing how long it will take to rank their site. Its a little bit like “a Rabbit in a bag” story. But at the same time if there is no way to know exactly what time and effort it will take, its hard to give a fair price without paying from out of your own pocket.

I came to a conclusion that customer should get results first, Results in Advance.

SEO for Small Businesses in Dublin and Ireland

Get Better Results than Anybody Else

hire seo dublinStarting a beta version of our SEO services in Dublin and Ireland, to see what impact and results it will bring to business owners as our customers.

You get FREE deep analysis of your website and niche competition, using very powerful software which is also integrated with other best seo website analyzing services in the world, which is priceless. A free short consultation included.

Once all the data run through the analysis are analyzed, we will pick the most suitable keywords and analyze them too. Then calculate how much roughly it will cost to get positive results.

If you agree, we will start working on your campaign, but you don’t have to pay us a cent until we bring the results on a silver plate.

If you like and want to keep those results you pay us, and then we calculate ongoing monthly payments to keep and maintain your website’s rankings.

And if from any reason you decide that you don’t like the results and our services, which I don’t know why would you do that, we can simply offer your results to the competition using re-targeting software, so you loose those rankings almost instantly.

I’m sure that there always will be someone who will be happy to pay us :)

This is what makes us different from others who would charge hour rate and empty your pockets with sometimes false promises.

If you want to find out more about us, just visit the pages below:

About SEO Services

What is SEO

Here is the second part of the post where I also talk about SEO and why I am confident that our techniques and strategy are not only 100% legal and falling under the Google’s Guidelines, but also getting you familiar with each step that we take.

SEO for small and local businesses in Ireland (part 2)

The Ability to Instantly Print the Money

Money is in the list. This quote has been profound ever since internet marketing, therefore some are saying that email marketing is dead, and they keep saying that for the last decade.

But me and every successful marketer, consultant, online coach etc..knows that responsive email list is the most valuable asset in any business for the last decade, and with growing number of especially mobile phone internet  users I believe that It’ll become even more important in upcoming years.

The most important thing to say first is that its not any quick getting rich way of building a profitable business. But if its done right, there is a huge benefit behind the list. Its like when there is your favorite book shop or food store providing you with quality food, than there is a 99% chance that you will soon come back, and every time you run out of food or books, you will have that store stocked in your head.

And that’s the power of leveraging your authority in the certain niche and email list of loyal subscribers that like you plus think of you as an authority. These people are 100% buyers!

Building a relationship with your prospects is crucial, otherwise you end up with having just Dead Email List of thousands of subscribers that not even ever bought anything from you, but 99% of them even didn’t open your best email you sent to them.

So building an email list can be massively profitable or defeating failure, especially when chosen traffic lead generating method is paid advertising. Then you really have to make sure that your offer converts well and your first email to your subscriber earn you the so important trust and credibility.

There is quiet whole big psychology science behind building a relation with your prospects and clients, but the important thing to remember is to deliver value and not be too pitchy. This is the biggest mistake that most of the beginning online marketers do, which is to quickly build a big list and then blast them with one offer upon another without even knowing what are the prospects interested in and what they need.

And to know your list, first thing that you must do is to create closely targeted offer that is very specific in what its offering.

For example, if you create a free pdf report about how to lower the website’s bounce rate, then you know what your prospects that opted in are more less interested in, which in this case it would be ranking the websites as bounce rate is considered as one of the SEO ranking factors.

More about building the responsive email list in the next chapter.

email list communication

WP pinboard giveaway

Get Offer 03


Premium WordPress Theme for Free – WP PinBoard

WP Pinboard and Traffic XRay are another two cool premium themes for WordPress sites that worth getting for free.

Normally these theme would be selling for at least $27 each, but through this special offers page you are able to get each one of them for free.

WP Pinboard theme is perfect for an Artists or photographers portfolio, because of its skin and layout which is exactly like Pinterest. 1

This is a basic layout of WP Pinboard theme. You can customize your header, footer, background color, text etc. The navigation through the pages is right underneath the header.

Pencil Drawings WP Pinboard theme

As you see the theme is perfect for the artists of any kind. Its best theme to show up your work, because it looks exactly like Pinterest, and people are familiar with it. No any distractions for your visitor, what you want them to see when the come to your website is the pictures of your work. First catch their attention and then make them stay as long as possible by delivering a great content, pictures, text and the best on is a video.

From some reason its just people’s nature to rather watch the video than read the text. With an Interesting video on your page, the visitor will more likely to stay and engage with the content on your website.

Its statistically proven that you have about 9 seconds on average to catch the visitors attention and engage them with more of your great content.

Its crazy when you think about that.

You haven’t got much of a chance if you don’t know your potential visitor or customer. And its in every niche a little bit different. The visitors from home based business niche will interact with your site differently than those from fine art niche for example.

So you got to know your prospects and their behavioral activities, what they are looking for, where they struggle and bring the aid for their struggles.

Anyway, and its all connected with what theme for your site you choose.

WP PinBoard is perfectly suitable for websites about: Fine Art, painting drawing, DIY, gardening, gastronomy, food recipes, photography, sculpturing, wood craft, all traditional crafts, antique.

I am pretty sure if I would be thinking I would come up with another 10 at least. But you got the idea.


Traffic X Ray Theme – The Best WordPress Theme for Adsense

The traffic x ray is very different from the previous theme. The biggest difference is that it was designed and build for monetizing your website with Adsense ads. Its more of a form of a blog site. The ads code placements are specifically designed to deliver maximum CTR (click through rate), leading to higher revenue from Adsense.

Monetize the websites with Adsense isn’t a bad idea if you haven’t any product to offer or just don’t want to bother with that. Lets say that you like cars and your hobby is fixing them. You create a blog about DIY car fix, and post your videos and stuff.

Without good flow of traffic, Adsense wouldn’t be the most efficient and profitable way of making money, but it pays for itself plus something extra for the stuff that you like to do anyway.

learn more about how to start a blog

Article about How Much It Cost to Build a Website for Small Business

best  free wordpress theme for adsense


How to Create a Professional Website – DIY or DFY?

how much it cost to create a website

When it comes down to website costs, it can really vary. For someone who is just starting out it could be very confusing how much exactly he should be paying.

I will break this down to two groups, DIY (do it yourself) and DFY (done for you).

Start Building a Business Website with WordPress – DIY

Same as with everything, if you do things yourself, it could save you a lot of money down the road. Web development and design is a skill that could be very well paid, varying from client to client and depending on client’s needs.

But let me tell you something.

Some developers are charging ridiculous money for something that could be done in one day with minimal website for small businesscosts, which comes down to the lack of knowledge in this field for average people. So, I decided to show you in this article, how to build your own website either for business or a hobby. Because what you will know after you read this post will save you a lot of money now and in the future, trust me.

DIY option is definitely for a little bit tech savvy people like me, but also for a good passionate writer. The thing is that from the beginning you will be probably writing the articles yourself to avoid of paying someone else, same with the videos. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot outsource your article writing process, or even the entire business and just every noun again check in if everything is working properly.

But this is for a big 5 – 6 figure businesses, and its exactly what majority of top online marketers and SEO experts do.

I’m not gonna go too deep into outsourcing and how the whole process works now, but here is the complete article about it, its definitely something that worth to check out.

Online Business Management, Outsourcing and Automation

Lets get back to creating a website first. In a nut shell here is what you will need.

  1. Web hosting account
  2. Domain name
  3. Content

These are the main three things to build a website. Here is how much it costs to create a website – the web hosting will cost you around $5 – $10 per month. Domain name between $5 – $15 per year. If you create the content such as articles, pictures and videos yourself, than its really inexpensive to create a website. Don’t you think?

Then obviously if you want to do some proper SEO, the costs go way higher than ten bucks per month, but assuming that you are a beginner I wouldn’t be concerned about SEO for now.

Here I will give away the list of good, cheap and reliable hosts with very responsive and helpful support.

Free Video Tutorial on How to Setup a Website

outsourcing buddyNow the best thing for the end, of course. I have something special for everyone. Its the video tutorial about how to start a website, released as an online marketing product, called “Outsourcing Buddy. Everything in the right order and easy to follow. Now you really cannot go wrong even if you are not much technically skilled, because you can just duplicate everything from the video.

And the coolest thing? Its FREE.

But the very innovative thing about the Outsourcing Buddy is that you can use it as a training portal for others if you VA Training Portal” which we are offering through recommended products page as well. Its perfect for the outsourcing strategy that I mentioned above, when you basically create a project plan, give access to your VA’s and they will follow it.

Here is the link – How to build a website video tutorial

I’m sure that you will love it.

DFY Option – Done Website for You

I know and understand that not all people are same, so as a web developer and SEO expert, I decided to open a new, first time service for those who have no time or simply don’t want to spend the time learning.

We will be open for small business owners, local business owners or people who just want their fishing “hobby” site to look cool in front of friends. As far as its legal, not adult material or get rich quick online stuff, we are open to anything.

The price will depend on how big website (number of pages and posts), if we have to create the content for you or not and the SEO promotion. But the price won’t be as much as normal companies are charging. We can do it twice as cheaper, with better results.

So, if you think that this is something that you might be interested in, just shoot us an email at: [email protected] and together we will come up with the best option for you.

Also check out more of our products for online marketers.

Free Up More Time, Make More Money – Solution for Efficient Business Management

create an effective business planAre you running and managing business online and it just seem to you that there is not enough time to do all the tasks?

P1 Outsourcing PMS is the solution for time management struggle.

In each module you will learn a one step that will get you closer to free up more of your time from online business daily tasks.

You see, the time management and overwhelming are the biggest struggles for majority of people who start a business online. Its always presented as an easy way of how to start a home business and become your own boss, which is partially true, but all the upsides have some downsides.

So if overwhelming of information and not enough time is the biggest obstacle, and we would eliminate it, then your chances to build successful home based business would be much higher right?

Getting Overwhelmed? You Don’t Have to

Ok, the right fix for not getting overwhelmed of information is to get the only right one and follow it. Such as Outsourcing Buddy video training where we show you how to set up a hosting and build a website from A to Z with all necessary plugins and settings. You have all 31 videos on one page, in right order, and you don’t have to search for the videos individually on Youtube, where you would get many different videos, from different people, talking about different things and overwhelm you. Its not really efficient unless you are looking for some one specific information and not the whole picture.

Because here is the thing. If there is a certain system that for somebody work, than it should work for everyone. Its all about tasks and execute them in right order in the right time. The rest (about 70 – 80%) is just mindset. You have probably heard some successful people talking about this before, or maybe you read the book like Think and Grow Rich or Money, Master the Game (which I highly recommend). And its true.

Money Master The Game

S if your decision is to quit your job and start work from home, its coming from your mindset, the conscious mind.

Time Management – How to Stop Being Overwhelmed with Daily Tasks

Get your time management right is very important for your business. Especially when you want to grow and need to free up more time to concentrate on other stuff, but still need to do regular daily tasks that are just as important for the business.

So how do you do that?

You hire a VA, Virtual Assistant. Almost every successful 5 figure marketer is using their VA’s to effectively run and manage their online business. Of course, how many VA’s you will need depends entirely on the size of your current business and what kind of business on the internet you do.

Now, here is the video blueprint where you will learn how to effectively create a project, assign it to your virtual assistant and manage the workflow so everything goes as smooth as it should without any shenanigans.

Check our products that we recommend along with P1 Outsourcing PMS – Products for online business management

p1 outsourcing pms online business automation system


(Just $29.95)




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Looking for Some Good Ideas About The Most Profitable Businesses?

unique ideaWell, I hope that this article will help everyone to get some ideas about most profitable businesses, how to start, grow and maintain the business.

Its business on the internet, online business, online marketing, or whatever you want to call it. All what you need to start is an internet connection, laptop and a lot of self confidence (because that’s where the most of the people fail).

Once you tap into online world and how you could profit from it, you will never want to turn back. But enthusiasm isn’t everything that is required to start profitable business.

There is a lot more to it.

Persistence, strong will etc…

Obviously starting online home business is not for everyone easy. The most common issue that people say they have is NO MONEY to start up with.

The second biggest killer, when they actually got started, is NO TIME.

And time equals money, right?

The third reason would be overwhelming of information, not enough will to learn and the FEAR OF FAILURE.
So first, i will eliminate the first problem, which is having not enough funds to start the business.

The thing is that firstly you have to have an idea of what kind of home based business you could start, maintain and how profitable your business might be.

From my experience it should be something that you are good at or passionate about, like a hobby.

And my best and first suggestion would be BLOGGING.

Blogging for Profit

Especially for the people with very low funds, the people who have no their own physical or informative product thatprofit they could sell and the ones who are willing to work hard on them selves and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Blogging is perfect and very profitable business for normal people who don’t prosper with a lot of wealth and followers around themselves.

All it takes is one or more website, passion and will.

The will to learn and implement is important in this one.

You can set up a blog within 5 – 10 minutes and then just learn how to work and maintain it.

Not a rocket science, and if you allow me, i’m going to show you how to do that step by step.

There are basically two available options.

You can set up a custom self hosted website or use the services such as,, Tumblr etc..
And if you look at these blogging platform sites like, you will know why i say that the blogging is one of the most profitable businesses.

Anyone can blog. is multimillionaire site blogging platform with over 500 million active users!

That’s quiet shocking number.

Do you think that Google makes some money from this one single website? You bet they do.

Another reason why the blogging is one of the most profitable businesses is that, you don’t need much to invest. Its really low cost.

Now, lets go back to our topic..

First option is a little bit more costly but it gives you some advantages in a few ways and you’ll have nice proffesionally looking and well remebered domain name, for example,,…whatever you like. Just check up if the domain name that you want is available and not registered already and that’s it!

The second option is cheaper or completely free, but gives you very limited options and your domain would look like this – or

You see what I mean?

It just doesn’t look right if you intent to make some money with your blog or website.

So I personally would recommend to start with the first option which is self hosted website. Its a little bit more technical and more to learn but as I said its not any rocket science and gives you a big advantage because it looks more like a solid home based business than hobby.

How Much Will All Of This Cost?

Now, to setup one blog or website will and basic maintaining will cost you about $5 per month for reliable solid hosting provider (that’s where your website and all of the data are stored)
And about $15 per year for the domain, depends what TLD you choose (.com, .org, .net, .info etc.)

Which is not that much, is it?

You are on something like 6 – 7 dollars per month.

Now depends on your writing skills, how you are going to present your site and yourself.

Obviously you need to catch the attention of the visitors and give them exactly what they want. But I will talk about the marketing strategies next time.

Work For Local Businesses

small local businessAnother good idea which is maybe not any new to you, is to build a local business directory or develop and maintain the websites for them.

This includes some knowledge of SEO and how Google’s algorithm, but nothing what one could not learn.

In fact i’m going to post some tutorials about SEO and how to do it correctly because believe me there is a lot of misleading information on the internet, especially about SEO and making money online.

If you don’t know how to do things right, then you can loose a lot of money and time would be wasted.

I know a few people who are making good income with this profitable business strategy.

Go around your local area and find the local business owners. Talk to them a little bit, and them tell them what you do and how it could help their business by gaining more visibility and customers.

The most of them will probably tell you that they have website and that they don’t need two.

Well, here you need to think out of the box and for example ask them what is their website and if they have someone who take care of it.

But you did your homework and did the list of related keywords for their local business. You search the website in Google for those keywords and try to find their website.

If you find it within the search, then someone did the good job and they probably won’t need your help, but most of the time it won’t be like that.

Then you explain them that you can bring their website or blog into the top searches which will prosper their business.

The most profitable businesses come always with a Great and unique idea.

Hope that this article about most profitable businesses picked your brain a little bit, because that’s all what it takes, an inspiration and idea.

business idea

build a website and home based business tutorial

A lot of people are talking about the setting the goals for financial independence. Everybody knows that in order to achieve any goal, we must be 100% certain about the outcome and success, in other words “Strong Belief”. I cannot stress enough how important the goal and mind setting is for any kind of success.

People simply overcome the fact that having the right mindset is responsible for 80% of success and only 20% is strategy and marketing. Of course, the one  without another wouldn’t work. If you would have a strongest mindset in the world but would move a finger, than the goals to achieve financial independence probably wouldn’t be anywhere near the success.

Imagine this, if you are 100% certain about the outcome, then you would do anything to accomplish your goals. That is basically what all self-made millionaires have in common, and how successful people got and are getting successful, for example Tony Robbins.

If he born rich, he certainly wouldn’t be who he is now, but because of his past and humble beginnings of having no money even for food, he realized something, something that is empowering and driving him forward to help more people.

So in order to achieve financial independence the one must have the powerful idea and absolute will to make things happen. There is the power.

How to start a business is another question.

The easiest business model for the absolute majority of people who want to work from home, is business online. The amount of potential customers has almost no limit, if the right business plan is implemented and the product worth 10 times more than the actual price.

But lets get back to what is necessary to launch a successful online business and letting the finances grow.

First thing that anyone will need is a website or blog. But no worries, build and set up the website is actually very inexpensive task, if you know how to do that.

If you don’t, then I have a nice surprise for you :) in a form of FREE 30+ video tutorial about how to create a website using WordPress. This is all in one training covering every important aspect and detail of building a professional business website.

You can get an Instant Access to the Tutorial Here

We are really proud of the product, and how simplified everything is. The videos have been kept as short as possible to not overwhelm too much but provide every piece of important information on particular subject. We honestly believe that the product worth at least $47, and that would be an incredible generous price. Anyway, there is nothing o loose, but only gain.

Once you have your website and its content in the place, its just about to create a simple and strong business plan structure to follow, which will slowly result in growing your authority in the market, grow your finance and popularity.

Need some interesting business idea?

Click the link to read an article article about successful home based business ideas.

How to Get Hungry SEO Clients Using Cloud Prospector Machine

cloud prospector machineWebsite’s Mobile Friendliness is Now Search Ranking Signal and an Opportunity for Marketers to Get New Clients

Everybody has probably heard about the Google’s mobile friendly update. Website’s mobile friendliness is now officially considered as Google’s ranking signal No. 1.

For the past 5 years the percentage of mobile internet users is rapidly growing, and the by now in 2015, the 50% of internet users use their mobile phone to conduct searches.

And that is exactly why Google decided to put a huge importance on the mobile update.

Now, as it usually is, along with every heavy update and scarecity such as mobile update, there is also big business and profit opportunity for smart and fast action takers.

As you may know, not every business owner who has a website is aware of such a thing. Many of them actually just get their website set up by some average web developing company and that’s the end of it.

– More about how to start a blog here

So, here is the opportunity that I’m talking about.

You find the business owner’s websites that are not mobile friendly optimized, do a couple of test using the super easy and effective tool (which I’m going to talk about in a second), and contact your prospects with attached report of all the information that you gathered, telling them why they should fix their websites and what impact it will have on their rankings in Google.

This snapshot is coming from one of the major news sites, and the similar message was going all over the online news.

mobile friendly websites

Then you simply offer them your services to fix their problem, eliminate scarecity and get them ranking higher in Google.

This all sounds great, but it would be too time consuming to locate and analyze the people’s websites, and contact them one by one. Its just time consuming and a little bit messy in matter of tracking and reporting everything.

That is why the smart guys came up with brilliant software which is almost fully automated. It locates the websites that are not mobile friendly based on the keywords that you provide, tracks everything, generates reports, find the contact details of the potential client and send the bulk message to them.

All of this from one interface of the software called Cloud Prospect Machine by Todd Spears and his team.
This tool tells you what exactly is wrong with the clients website, so you can start work on it and fix it.
I personally started using CP machine about a month ago, when it was first time released. I have to say that its really great tool and does what it says.

Its still a new piece of software and not many copies were sold yet, but will be soon. I encourage to get this tool now and implement the strategy before the competition arise. But don’t worry, it will take at least a couple of moths before the market gets saturated. Until then you could have easily 5 figure business already up and running without worrying about competition.

Just go ahead to pop into multi-billion dollar mobile market and get the results for yourself, and don’t forget that its about a massive action takers who will leverage this massive opportunity :)

Click Here and Get Instant Access to Cloud Prospect Machine with DISCOUNT


Get FREE 30+ Videos WordPress Tutorial to Effectively Launch and Manage Online Busines

Read related article about home based business ideas

What is Mobile Friendly Update and How to Be Ready

Its the another time of the year when Google is releasing another heavy duty update for mobile friendly websites on the 21th of April.

Last year 2014, has been the break point of mobile internet users as shown on the graph below. It basically indicates that we came into the stage when the mobile phones are dominating the market on the internet, meaning that if your site is not mobile friendly you are loosing over the half of the potential market.

mobile friendly update

And not only that. Since the Google decided to roll out the update for mobile ready websites, you will be punished and out-ranked if your site is not responsive.

There’s been a lot of talk in the last couple of years about mobile friendly websites, but at the time it didn’t seem to be any big concern of the website owners and web developers. Perhaps, because nothing much was happening until now (talking about the Google and its updates).

Interesting Statistics and Facts about Mobile Phone Users

We know that its essential to have a responsive website which is perfectly readable and displayed on both, the desktop computer and mobile phone such as iPhone, Smartphone etc..Simply the technology is going forward, so shall we.

According to the latest research, the 80% of the internet users own a Smartphone. Which is a huge number.

Mainly 3 researched areas of mobile phone users are automotive, apparel & beauty, finance and surprisingly home and garden.

One of the very interesting things is that the add-to-cart conversions made via smartphones are much lower than desktop conversions, which means that people are more likely to do the online purchase using desktop rather than smartphone.

mobile device usage

How to Prevent Your Websites Against Google Mobile Update

Now, the biggest concern and question is, how to prevent your sites from being penalized and de-indexed by Google.

First of all, go ahead and check if your site is mobile ready or not. You can do so on the Google developers site by following the link below.

Commence mobile friendly test

WordPress website fix

If your site test returns negative and is build on WordPress, here is what has to be done. Check if your theme has responsive design. Make sure that its up to date. The most of the time only what you need to do is to install the responsive theme on your WordPress site and check again.

If the problem persists, find another theme and try again.

If your website is built on Drupal, then follow these steps:

Go to and download your desired responsive theme.

After you downloaded the theme, log in to your Drupal dashboard ==> Go to appearence ==> Click install new theme

Then you have to upload it ==> Enable and set as a default

That’s it!

Just go and re-check your website responsivness again.

If you use B2Evolution platform on your site do this:

Log in to your dashboard ==> At the top click on Structure and then right under Blog ==> Go to Skins and where it says default mobile phone skin (skin name: Touch), click install.

If your website is built on HTML 5 and you are not much into coding then you will have to contact your web developer.

Hope that the information was helpful and that you managed to fix all your sites and blogs before the update comes out on 21.4. 2015.

Need a blog? Learn how to start a blog

Or do you want us to create a blog for you? Contact us via contact page.